/promo sup...

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  1. /promo superbowl :rolleyes:
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  2. Is it an actual promo or a suggestion?
  3. Maybe a slime ball in honor of deflategate? XD
  4. -1

    There has been several posts about this. Several do not like it, nor watch it like me.
  5. Due to it being in misc, I imagine it's a joke. :p
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  6. So the people that do watch it and enjoy it shouldnt get a promo?
  7. Yes. It is not a national holiday... it's just a sports final. Not even the olympics lol. If you add a promo for one sport, you would have to add them for a whole bunch more.
    I'm not just here to hate on american football, in fact i quite like it for a sport, I'm just being logical and fair :)
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