[Promo Idea] The eggsterminator

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  1. Hello Fam,

    I have an idea:

    an egg (perhaps a bunny rabbit) promo for easter 2024 called the eggsterminator...

    that is all.

    disclaimer: dannhu's spelling might have contributed to the idea
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  2. that was my idea include me
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  4. Sounds like a sword.
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  5. i remember fage ly sugesting this first but a sword maybe or a bow that shoots eggs
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  6. +1 in jungle green. A sword could be made with Soulbound and Final properties and a Bane of Arthropods enchantment higher than level V. They could have a special ability, though; when killed by an Eggsterminator, there's a chance that a bee, cave spider, endermite, silverfish or spider could drop its own spawn egg (but only the bee eggs work in town, so a command should be used to disable the other four being used in town or a residence flag added to permit and pacify all arthropod mobs).
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