[ PROMO IDEA ] Piggy Bank!

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Would this be a good idea?

Yes 3 vote(s) 37.5%
No 3 vote(s) 37.5%
It would but it's impossible. 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello everyone! I know we just had a promo for Valentine's Day, but I just got a awesome idea:
    $The Piggy Bank$
    - The Piggy Bank will be a regular Clay Pot, but when you right click it, your total amount of rupees will show, 2 slots, one with Your Rupees and one with Piggy Bank, there will be a up and down arrow, when you click and hold it will decrease the amount of rupees in your total, and transfer it into the Piggy Bank, the numbers will have to go really really fast because some people have alot of rupees.

    Anything one want to say this is impossible? Because idk... sorry but I really don't know.

  2. Not. Sure. If. Possible.

    Most likely is, maybe not a promo though.
  3. The way you propose it would be possible. However, what would be possible would be that right-clicking the pot would open up a vault-like interface, with 2 pieces of paper in the corner, and 6 red dyes and 6 green dyes to the right. One green dye would deposit 10r into your piggy bank when clicked, another would deposit 100r into your piggy bank, and so on up until 1,000,000r, and the red dyes would withdraw similar amounts from your piggy bank when clicked.

    One piece of paper would have instructions on it explaining how to use the piggy bank when you hover your mouse over, and the other would have your rupee and piggybank balances on it.
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  4. What would this be a promo for though? What celebration?
    Or would it just be a random bit of fun?

    This would be more fun then functional really, since your rupees don't really get lost in your overall count, but if you lost the Piggy Bank they would be gone
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  5. National SkyDragonv8 Day
  6. Not necessarily. The data would not be tied directly in the item's metadata, but probably in each player's data.
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  7. National SkyDragonv8 Day, where we celebrate Piggy Banks ಠ_ಠ
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  8. If the arrows were in chat, this is 100% possible.
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  9. Damn, he's right! Hypertext arrows!
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  10. What if you drop the piggypank.

    Then someone can come and pick it up.
    Take the money out of there. Then what!
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  11. It can be soul bound, unable to be dropped by the player even? When you break the pot it will still contain the amount of rupees it had when it was placed.
    As for the event... I'm not sure actually :3
    This could either be for:
    President's Day and make the flower pot red white and blue or something?
    Supporters, moderators could send them in the mail
    Or an overall Empire perk. It could be a limited time offer deal? That could attract peeps :3

    Or how about when you break the piggy bank, you receive instantly how many rupees were inside of it, same if you were to drop it?
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  12. I sense a 70k member item coming along? X3
  13. As I've proposed, the balance of the piggybank would not be stored in the piggybank's metadata, but with the player data. So it would be like an Ender Chest. If you have a piggy bank, and you give it to your friend, it will be like they're accessing their own piggy bank, so they won't steal your money.
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  14. Very nice indeed! ;)
  15. I like the idea, this is just a scheme to where I take all of your rupees.. It reminds me of pigs! (Possibly a 70k promo eh eh?)

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  16. Wonderful idea, but what is the point? You dont lose rupees already so why would u need to store them unless you could get interest.
  17. ~Love it!
    ~Don't have any concerns as it sounds sound proof
    ~One drawback though is that it might be stuck in one place like in your inventory
    So, maybe the pot, and then it stores it in vault to make sure it is safe. o3o
  18. For people like me who like to over spend, having money in a piggy bank reminds myself, "HEY YOU! DON'T USE ME, I'M FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY O3O". Just like a piggy bank IRL, you use it to save up :3
  19. Possibly like this

    -10 -100 -1000 Empire Bank +10 +100 +1000

    Green=Withdraw Red=Deposit
  20. Something I would find very useful is a compass that points to the nearest outpost.