[Promo] easter - Magical Eggcelent Wand

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  1. /promo easter
    Magical Eggcellent Wand


    Item: Magical Eggcellent Wand <-- Wiki Link
    Promo: easter
    Shop price: 40,000 r
    Effect: Halves Eggification cost outside Town
    Soulbound: No

    Market Value: 5,000 r (3 players now paying 5k+ for this promo)

    This is a discussion thread for this item. What are it's advantages? How much is it worth to players? All opinions and suggestions welcome, give reasons.
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  2. Does it work infinitely?
  3. Hey :) So thought i'd throw this up, get some feedback on the promo. Ideas? thoughts?

    This item isn't overly useful for everyone. I'll start with a few thoughts on the item:
    • For eggifying rare mobs unobtainable in town by normal breeding, and even those who's breeding might be difficult. This will save money. Save 50r every time you eggify outside of town can add up.
    • Horse breeders can eggify high stat or rare colored horses for later breeding in town. at only 50r cost, often cheaper than buying from a player?
    • Can now obtain squid for only 50r per egg. (You cannot breed/spawn these in town right?)
    • Is not Souldbound, so can be lost on death. Might be worth having more than one of these, just in-case.
    Item Value: 2000r +

    Not sure.. it's not as valuable as most previous promos, but at the same time, it's got to be worth more than 1-2k simply for it's rarity as a limited promo.
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  4. I would assume so. no reason it shouldn't
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  5. Nice hread, tnx NZScruffy
  6. I'd say 2k you can sell to 8557 for 2k :)
  7. Did you make this promo yourself?
    Edit: dang shop sells em for 40k, not 4 k or like 10 k....
    I don't even have 35 k D: how long will this be in /shop??
    2nd edit: if it's a promo, is the blaze rod given the enchanted look?
  8. Nope, i don't make promo's.
    promos are often in /shop for a week or two. forget exactly how long. but you don't really want to pay 40k for it :) that's just to set a overly high price cap for it. lol
  9. Promo should have been a Chocolate Egg...
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  10. I'm gonna buy another (if I can get enough) and buy an extra, because no soul bound... WHY????
    Don't wanna lose it, so when eggifying always go with somebody... But they might steal it though
  11. No Soulbound, because then the price is higher. We want Promo value. It is a good thing for some people.
    You could use Unbreaking III Protection IV armour, Shiny Flesh and even Notch Apples, they will help you to survive.
    They would be banned.
  12. I have less than a stack of gold, for some reason gi can't get any shiny flesh outta enraged zombies, and about the armor..
    Umm... Well that is harder to get.
  13. Faithcaster is paying 5k for these. so price is going up.
  14. At the shop?? :(
  15. I decided to pay 6k per for some obvious reasons.

    Squids only obtainable in the wild can now be eggified for half cost.
    Since /entc is higher in the wild animals can be bred on a larger scale to eggify.
    Not Soulbound

    I dont think these should be worth more than 10k, but we'll see.
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  16. Going off 3 people now buying, i'll put the market value at 5k (but looks like might be more)
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  17. What's /entc?
    And I would buy these for 5.5 k - 6k, but I would only buy 1 or 2 extra
    Save one for da museum i want
  18. /entc is a command that tells you how many mobs are in an area.
  19. Does it say what mobs?
  20. No, just the number
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