[Project] The Block Tower

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  1. I am trying to make a tower out of all the different full and none UI blocks AKA no signs, stairs, slabs, ect... or no furnaces, crafting tables, ect. Each level will be made once I have 2 stacks of that block. Completed levels will be posted in groups of 5. Donations will would be great, donate at 7592. Feel free to say that you donated below
  2. 4 stacks? :eek: How fat is that tower going to be?
    Also, will you only do the individual id's or also the ones with data values? (like, only oak wood, or also the other kinds of wood. Same for wool colours, only one or all 16, et cetera)
  3. I donated 9 stone blocks
  4. well I was going to make the tower 60x60 aka the res but thing about it maybe not.... maybe a 32x32 tower which would bring it down to 2 stacks of each block... and good question I will have all the wood types but not differant colored glass, wool, or clay
  5. This is a great idea (you have plenty of time on ur hands I see)
  6. thanks!... and not as much as I will need.
  7. bump... looking for people to help build and donate to the tower
  8. Then how will you get the diamond blocks, emerald blocks, etc?
  9. After thinking about it I will use all the blocks, the wool and glass will be on the roof
  10. just completed, nether brick, nether rack, soulsand, cobblestone, and stone layers
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  11. also finished are the obsidian, diorite, mossy cobble, gravel and andisite levels
  12. Are you following like, a variant order with this? Or just whichever comes first?
  13. just what ever I finish first
  14. more progress... I have finished the prismarine block, prismarine brick, dark prismarine, iron ore and redstone ore, in that order, still in a need of more donations
  15. progress is slowing we need your donations, really need gold/iron/lapas/dimond ore/blocks and sand stuff too
  16. I'll donate 4 blocks of diamond and 4 blocks of gold when I get on later today. Also, I'll be sure to get my trading hat on for lapis. As for sand, last I checked I had easy access to a very large desert. I really would love to support this project and can't wait to see it done.
  17. Thanks Evesthery! the ore/blocks will be the hardest part but we can do it
  18. if you don't want to donate I would be happy to buy ore at a cheapish price

    Also bump
  19. this has gotten very pricey.... the tower now has, gold ore, diamond ore, quartz ore, glowstone, and quarts blocks

    also bump