[PROJECT] SMP2 Distribution Hub!

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  1. Hey all!

    For a while now, probably since I started here, I've been looking into creating a large scale shop on the server to get back into the economics of minecraft which I love so much. After talking with a lot of people and looking at the economics of the server, I decided to specialize in a few items rather than in many items. Through that specialization, I am building a major distribution hub on SMP2 that will sell those select items both in bulk and in smaller quantities.

    The build will be covering res's 3457, 3458, 3375, and 3376 and will be carried out in five stages.

    1. The structure and looks of the build itself will be developed on an independent server that a friend has graciously given me access to (World edit makes life so much easier for designs). Plus I can tinker with some cross-road ideas without dropping 10k every time. :p
    2. I will then move over to SMP2 and, using the design in creatve, build the shop.
    3. Farms, both on site and redundancy farms in utopia, will be developed.
    4. Internal distribution design will be developed.
    5. Shop is stocked and grand opening commences!
    This build, of course, will take a lot of work and I do not have much time on my hands to devote to the work. I'm *hoping* it'll be done by August with a crazy summer ahead, but there's no way to tell. Either way, grand opening is tentatively set for mid to late-October.

    I will do all I can to keep this date in stone, but I cannot make any guarantees that it will hold; summer is still developing and there's still a chance it could get crazier than it already has. Fall is already looking crazy but I'm hoping to have enough of it knocked out for the craziness to be irrelevant. :)

    Here rests a couple pictures from last night's work on the other server.

    Skyview at night

    Lower level view (yes, those are 1.8 blocks on the floor)

    Task List:
    1. Finish designing shop on Creative
    2. Acquire materials for main structure and build on SMP2
    3. Build in house farms: food - vegetables and meats(?) - sugar cane, cacti, etc.
    4. Build redundancy farms in utopia
    5. Finish developing contingency storage.
    6. Design redstone distribution hubs.
    7. Stock shop and open!
    This thread will keep the community appraised of the progress - and help me stay on top of the project since it'll be REALLY easy to forget about it.

    Anyways, this build isn't just for me, it's to support you all as well. If you wish to support the build you can visit the res by typing in the command below.

    /v 3458 donate

    Note that this post is not intended to solicit donations - I'm just opening that option up to those who like what they see and want to help out. :)

    Comments welcomed on the build so far and in future progress pictures! They can be found in the two posts below. :)
  2. Post reserved for future build pictures on Creative.
  3. Post reserved for future build pictures on SMP2.
  4. Good luck!
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  6. Much appreciated. Hopefully I'll have update pictures up sometime this weekend. Finals are now over so maybe I can put some more work into this thing. :)
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  7. Quick update to give. More details and pictures will follow tomorrow.

    Floor has been laid out on 50% of the residential space and a decision has been made with how to deal with the subsections. For the most part, I've been in utopia learning rsd farms/contraptions and developing town-based farms to help stock the eventual mall.

    Cane farm and melon farms are up. Autosorter, which will be employed to help with stocking at the mall, is in need of tweaks but is operational. Next on the agenda is a fish farm - cause I'll get a voter fishing rod eventually :p - and an auto potion maker. From there, I'll be tapping into fully automatic wheat, carrot and potato farms.
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  8. Noice!
    Imma get on and donate. (not much as I currently put 1/2 my belongings in the Mega DP :p)
  9. How is your project Elfin? :D
  10. wow that looks like it will be a very nice shop when finished
  11. i demand a picture update!
  12. Heh. Not much progress has been made. I'll get pictures up but it's pretty much the same as the above view I posted earlier. Still need to get the floor laid out but I'll get to it.

    I know I said I'd post an update but didn't - apologies for that. I'll get one out this weekend for certain. I finally decided how to lay out the 4 residences (not all of them will be the actual shop).