[PROJECT] My Shop That is Getting Built On SMP2

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Exent, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Hey i'm BLUESKULLS55555 and im wondering if you could come to smp2 and donate to me.

    Anything is appreciated ( NO DIRT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! )

    I'm not trying to beg I just would like some supplies to make and sell in my shop

    All you need to do is /v BLUESKULLS55555

    When you do that I will have a hopper and you can just donate there. I will make a donation room soon
  2. Hey cool, might check it out I guess, but might wanna make a reply saying what you'll actually be selling, help convince peoples more.
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  3. Ok, I'm not going to release the shop location, all im going to say is its on smp2. But I will be selling about everything.
  4. Uh, dude, not to be THAT GUY but you already kinda did release the shop location in the original post
  5. So you're building a megamall. Good luck lol
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  6. that is not the shop location. Its at another res.