[Project] Guardian farm

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  1. So yeah im making a guardian farm i was wondering if anyone has bright ideas on how to drain an ocean and or if one exists already :)
  2. Tip use sponges
  3. thought of that but i only have 3 lol
  4. I sell them for 11K each. Just pay me and I'll mail you some.
  5. would you be able to deliver?
  6. Sponges are not rare at all! I got 34 sponges from my first monument.

    Just go out and find a monument in waste and kill everything.
  7. have a monument under my controll just it didnt have any sponge rooms
  8. ive been selling sponge 5,5k per, at my first res if you need some still.
  9. They always have one sponge room i thought...
  10. unfortunatly im quite far into the wild (almost 70k blocks out) so im not sure if the trip would be worth it since it would be almost an hour round trip
  11. sure! just set up an access chest on your res
  12. not sure havent found one yet
  13. read reply to bro
  14. Oh. whoops. pay, and i'll mail you the sponges. i think you can open mail in the frontier.
  15. nah im going to use buckets to empty the ocean xD
  16. hmm. good luck!
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  17. It depends how much you want to drain. If you're willing to, you could make the enclosed space of however big, then place ladders, signs, etc. to drain the water. either that or completely fill the room with blocks...or sponge :p
  18. box is almost done lol maybe i will use my 3 sponges and alot of coal
  19. This isn't true. Mail can only be opened in town. :)
  20. Could always remove it by tech. :rolleyes:
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