[PROJECT] Elemental Shrines :D

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  1. So i decided to start making these so called "elemental shrines" on res #19174 on smp9, They dont necessarily mean anything, its just a fun project with what i hope to be a beautiful end.
    I still havent done much but i started making the Air Shrine, which has an angel statue, this is the statue up untill now:


    This is the finished product:

    A 190ish block high statue of an angel, made out of quartz (Ill need a lot of quartz for that so the next few weeks/months will probably be nether trips... and a lot of deaths...).

    I have yet to have ideas on the statues for the other elements' shrines, so if you guys want to help me figure that out please do. :p
    Anyway, its just a project i would like to show to the community.

    Ok now, I wont lie, part of the reason i started this thread was to recieve donations, ik, im selfish. Donations would make my life much easier, so if you have any quartz lying around your chests being useless i would love to have them, any little bit helps.

    Special Thanks to Slayer888 (wink wink) for giving me this res. :D

    A work worthy of Hououin Kyouma. :D

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  2. For further use. :p

    Donators: :D

    -Snow_Freak - 41876 rupees
    -Th3BlackCross - 82000 rupees
  3. Wow, that's insane!
    Good Luck!
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  4. That looks awsome.
    Ill probabaly donate some rupees when i get on..
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  5. Sounds awesome, and the angel looks amazing. One question, though. Isn't that angel really massive? How will four back statues of that size fit on one residence?
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  6. The thing that really matters is the front to back size of the angel at its base, otherwise it wouldnt fit, that size on this angel is accualy only 11 blocks. :D
    And ill figure something out if they are too close together, but i dont think they'll be that close.
    BTW to everyone, i wont be making the sword unfortunatly because it doesnt fit the 60 blocks of the res. It'll be an empty handed angel. :p
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  7. Wow. That is awesome :eek:
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  8. Wow that will look amazing. What about the statue holding the air symbol? Or have the air symbol hanging from the hand on a chain? Or have the arms/hands coming in front of the statue's chest area to hold a large air symbol? The symbol could be make out of light blue wool, to make it stand out against the quartz.

    Good Luck!
  9. Hm... I might be able to help build. =3
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  10. If I do, I might do either flame element or magic. :p If that's okay?
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  11. Another bump. :p
  12. Angelic Bump. :rolleyes:
  13. I suggest that for the fire temple that you have a man that has a fireball shooting out of his hands.Like this but with fire and NOT Aang (<-- how its spelled).
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  14. That image is broken for me, probably because of a windows to mac thing, I use a Mac. :confused:

    But ill assume it was a firebender from avatar since you mentioned Aang. :D
  15. This is what the picture is.
    I couldn't see it eather <----- cant spell;)
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  16. That probably won't fit in the space it has sorry.
    Altough i am going to have a guy with a fireball. :p
    Only he wont be so bent forward.
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  17. Bump.
    Thanks again to Snow_Freak for the donation. :D
    And thanks to all of you for the moral support. :D