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  1. Hello EMC! I realize that on this server we have a ton of soccer/futbol loving fans out there. So I came to y conclusion to attempt building the Allianz Arena Stadium in Bayern, Germany.

    Cost: 1.25-2Million Rupees.
    This includes material cost, vault vouchers needed, workers, and residence movings.
    Workers: I have decided to pay the workers around 150k per worker with 3 workers, and they will have a spot in the arena as well.
    Donating: Once I clear off the residences and get everything moved ( I have as of the thread 315k ) the donation area will be set up. Right now, donating will be needed with /pay ww2fan168 (amount of donation ). Once this is built it will STAY on EMC till I go, or maybe Ill see what Krysyy or the SS can do ( Or you can vote for me by the time I leave EMC if I even do ).
    Any one that is willing to work for free will be accepted and ALL donations will be accepted ( yes, even dirt :) ).
    Until the next, this is ww2fan168!
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  2. Current Fundings: 486k
    Workers: ww2fan168
    Progress: 41%

    DONATORS: BlazeTheKid8 - 10k, jossytheninja - 40k, Hashhog - 3.5k ( let him kill a golem :p ) AceMox2k- Tons of material!

    Diamond Voucher has been submitted, costed 400k! KEEP DONATING GUYS!!!
  3. haha this sounds like a great idea ww2 ;) i'll help where i can btw what will it be made of i'll donate what i can and help build if i have time =D haha hope i help =3

  4. ill work with you bro. put me too work but my "work" hours will be slim
  5. BUMP come on guys ;-;
  6. Anyway I can help? I've been really busy lately so I probably won't be able to help with the building D;
  7. Donating would help a ton! :D
  8. I will help with donating materials. I will help build if I am able to. Let me know What you want, Authorize chests for me and I will fill them up. Note...

    I have about 6 or 8 dc of stone (I cant remember) ready to ship that was on hold for twin towers but he still has like 3 dc over there when construction stopped.
    I also have a bit of stone brick ready to roll.
    1 dc glass block good to go

    I have lots of stuff, let me know what you need, I will get it.
  9. Come on guys! Selling some promos to help me get to 1.5 Mil for project! Current fund is now 890k! Some people thought I was going to give up on this but Im committed! Lets get some donations in and buy some promos! Want to buy promos? Well come to my first residence and I'll be waiting.
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  10. BUMP! So close to 1 mil!
  11. BUMP! Get ready for building progress soon as I submitted my Diamond Voucher!

  12. Do you need to gather all the money up front? If you show that you're committed by investing the time then I'm sure you'll have no problem with the remaining donations. :) Start building, when others see your progress they will jump on board.
  13. I can work 4 free but I do need some rupees
    If u can spare any
  14. Wait what...If you're willing to work for free then you wouldn't get paid.
  15. I'll take money whenever a player feels up to it. Im right now waiting for my diamond voucher to be taken up and get the residences that I've mapped out. Construction should start then :)

    So to answer that question, you don't have to donate up front. You may donate whenever you wish :D
  16. What smp server will this complex be on?
  17. SMP7
  18. You need anything just ask! I got you. Anytime. unless Chris kills any of my other prisoners.
    I can also do work if you need it too. Would love to have a box seat to these games.
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