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  2. Wow, that was fast! Very cool thanks I like it!
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  3. It has been some time since any new commissions came in so I'm guessing the first wave has passed.
    A huge thanks to al previous requests, I feel I improved a lot in the last month.
    So from now on I'll try to create more complex drawings.
    In order to start the new month I'll post my own commission.
    Me and the missus drawn in Ghibli style:

    So here is to another month with more commissions.
    (If you already had a commission made but want another, feel free to make a new request)
  4. Oooh, that's lovely!! :D
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  6. Could I get this skin drawn in the cartoon style or some kind of fantasy style? I'm thinking something with the character looking out on a cliff with a quiver and about to shoot a bow?
    Thanks so much! ^-^
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  9. Looks good thank you
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  11. Did you say fantasy? I forgot your quiver but just pretend it's on your back. ;)
  12. Woah that's amazing :D
    Thanks! Love the background
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  14. These 2 are fun. I couldn't decide what style would fit it best, so I made 2. Hope you like them.
    One where Foxy broke something:
    and one where foxy is going to break something: (Yes, this is a Dora reference, but why does it fit so nice?)
  15. I love the Dora one. :D
    The other one's great!
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  16. I would love one of my skin in Ghibli style! :) Maybe of the character picking flowers :D
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  17. took a little longer because of the weekend, but it's done. Hope you like it. :)

    also, this is post nr. 100 on this thread, never thought we would get this far :p