Problems With BB Codes?

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  1. When making my last thread I couldn't successfully use the Spoiler and Gform BB Codes right, I'll describe the exact problems:
    1. The spoiler one just gave me two separate spoilers, one of them was completely empty and the other one was what I had entered within my spoiler content.
    2. The gform one just didn't work period. I'm pretty sure I was including the correct information, and tried doing it with the information both linked and unlinked, nothing worked unless I displayed the whole URL, in which case only the link to the form showed.
    3. I'd also like to figure out I can rename a URL to something else while still maintaining the link to the webpage I'm trying to show, if that's possible. :)

    Any help or suggestions? Thanks!
  2. It occurs when the spoiler has formatting. Clear formatting with the eraser button in the top left of the toolbar
    Not sure about this one
    [url=urlhere]Masked text[/url]
  3. So for me it would never be possible to have only one spoiler?
  4. Occasionally it does work though, so I guess try?
    It might be something else, not font colour or boldness
  5. Test

    Edit: Well, that's interesting :p
  6. In my experience spoilers and formatting are really buggy. What I usually do when using spoilers is (without periods of course):
    1. [.spoiler=Example, Close me][./spoiler]
    2. test
    3. [.spoiler=Example, Close me]text[./spoiler]
    4. test
    5. [.spoiler=Example, Close me]text
    second line[./spoiler]
    6. test
    7. you should be safe to add all content to the spoiler from here on.

    second line

    If a spoiler gets broken, there is only one way to fix it for me: Start over again as described above and add line by line (copy&paste). If you are lucky you find the line that screws up the spoiler. If not, well, then better retype everything.

    Edit: Bullet points, numbering and empty lines are the horror in spoilers!
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  7. Another problem can be nesting. So basically a spoiler within a spoiler. I'm a little too lazy to look up the post, but some time ago a player wondered about how he could ... (here I look up the post anyway because I forgot :)).

    Here we go, a player asked how he could create spoiler sections after which I couldn't help mentioning named spoilers.

    Even though I opted to use [plain] (which is a BBCode tag which should stop the forum software from parsing) those still failed and I got "plained all over" ;)

    So yah, sometimes it works and sometimes it acts up a little.
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  8. So, in that example, wouldn't it be:
    [plain]This is an excellent way to add a bit more information[/plain]
    Rather then:
    [/plain]This is an excellent way to add a bit more information.[/plain]
    Excuse my ignorance. I have never used 'plain' before, but might be useful for bullet points

    • line one
    • line two
    So, you see it is putting this extra bullet point outside the spoiler.

    • line one
    • line two
    • Text within plain tags
    Didn't help :(

    [spoiler=Bullet points with plain]
    [*]line one
    [*]line two[/spoiler][plain]Text within plain tags[/plain]
  9. Yes, but the problem is caused by the way the server formatted my message. So originally I was using this:

    [spoiler=Click me to learn how to do this]So basically you make a spoiler like any other, but this time add a name to it like so:
    [spoiler=Click me to learn how to do this]So basically you make a spoiler like any other, but this time add a name to it like so:[/spoiler]
    This is an excellent way to add a bit more information. Ignore the 'plain' tags there, those should have done something else ;)
    That resulted in several visible "end-plain tags", as you could see. Also; the ending comment should have been placed outside the spoiler section but ended up within. I just edited my message again and this time removed the second usage of plain, but the "end-plain tag" keeps getting auto-inserted.

    Which led to my post up there; sometimes trying to 'nest' tags can also have weird effects.
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  10. The only thing [PLAIN] does is making the BB codes not work. The previous formatting is still in place, but new formatting doesn't get used and it just gets displayed as normal text.
    For example, when looking at your first post in this thread, you could've used [PLAIN] instead of the "." before the codes.
    I don't really like [PLAIN] though, because it often gives you [/PLAIN]'s at the end of your message that you can't get away, because it tends to also plain [/PLAIN].
    I hope that was clear enough xD
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  11. Thanks for the help guys, all of the problems are gone and everything looks nice and clean!