Problem wirg Visiting Random Store

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  1. The last few days I have been having problems visiting random stores with the "/v +store" command on SMP3. Approximately 9/10 times I use it, it takes me to the same store - this is repeatable for the past few days. There is one other problem with the "/v +store" command that has been happening the past, maybe its related - maybe it is not, when you get to the store in question, and try to use it again from within that store it always brings me back to the home point for the store (you basically can't get to another store unless you go somewhere else - like home - and then try again).

    I'm sure its nothing the store owner did, so I didn't post the store number. I can e-mail or direct message someone if they would like it (although hopefully it is repeatable enough to fix, so you would be brought there also).

    Always happy to assist, so please drop me a line if you need more details or want me to try testing it again.

    Really like the work you guys are doing with the Server - Thanks!
    Paul (aka DWELFMAN)
  2. I think you can better use v +shop and /v +mall, those are mostley working better :)
  3. Shop owners don't use the "store" tag very often. The res you keep visiting is probably the only one with the "store" tag. As Jelle said above, "shop" is a lot more common.
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  4. Thanks - now I understand how the tags work!
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