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  1. I don't exactly know if this is how I do it. But my name is Holiday_Dew, last time I played this server was probably like eight years ago or something on my brothers account. I don't think I knew how it worked and left almost immediately after joining.

    This should be a fun adventure though as I like this kind of gameplay most of the time.

    - H.D.B.
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  2. Welcome to the forums.
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  3. Welcome!
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  4. Welcome back!

    Love the thread title :D
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  5. Welcome back!
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  6. Welcome back! Let us know if you have any questions. :)
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  7. What does H.D.B. stand for? Holiday_Dew's Brother?
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!
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  9. It stands for Holiday Dew Bro, so you're partly right. Mostly because this account was named PepsiBro a bit ago until I changed it.
    My brother bought me this account but it's not his. :D
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  10. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here :)
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