[Price] DC of Dragonstone fragments

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  1. I got bored and did the math and found out how much a DC of dragonstone fragments...... it would cost a total of 10,752,000r and if not well someone correct me because i kinda feel like it costs less

    Equation: 64 x 54 x 3000 (or 3000-4000r )

    I'm not selling but i believe this is worth the most for now (not unless you count the dragonstone item)
  2. At first I thought you had that and ruled Our economy. Now I see you just want us to know how much you would rule is by of you had it.
  3. Erm
    I believe a double chest of beacons would be more
    24 million approximately, at 7k each which is pretty cheap.
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  4. Still though the regular piece of dragonstone would go for about 27k... make it a dc and it makes 93,312,000r..... but then nobody has or i guess a few people have more than 100 million rupees...... i guess it takes time to sell 1 at a time : /
  5. I'm sure fragments are worth more around 5-6k
  6. ^ What he said is correct
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  7. What about a DC of original dragon eggs?
    I win
    Something like
    6,912,000,000 rupees. :D
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  8. the most of all but would somebody take the time to slaughter 5,456 dragons...... it seems more resourceful for all the hundreds of xp you find....... i would do it but it'd take me a year or month
  9. idk the common price i find that people would buy for is 3-4k 5-6k would be a bit harder to find a buyer
  10. 3,456*
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  11. No, I don't think so, because people don't have that much money
  12. A DC of Dragon Eggs would be worth 1,036,680,000.
  13. Why do you think that?