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  1. I need a check on the following items.
    • Diamonds
    • Emeralds
    • Gold Ingots
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Iron Ingots
    • Coal
    • Cobblestone
    Thank you :)
  2. Check out Todd_Vinton's shop on smp1, and Alex_chance's on smp2 or Shavingfoam's shop on smp5 to get a price check. I helped you find some of the stable shops on the Empire now you can go look and find out the prices and find out the average prices for the items on your list.
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  3. Thanks :)
  4. I am not up-to-date, but I think this is what they are going for:
    • Diamonds - 75r
    • Emeralds - 20-25r
    • Gold Ingots - 9-12r
    • Lapis Lazuli - No clue
    • Iron Ingots - 2r each
    • Coal - No clue
    • Cobblestone - possibly 32r a stack, not sure though
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  5. My opinion:
    Diamonds: 72r each
    Emeralds: 27r each
    Gold: 10r each
    Lapis: I'm not sure
    Iron: 2r each
    Coal: 32r/Stack
    Cobble: 20r/Stack
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  6. this sounds right.
  7. On smp1:
    • Diamonds: 60?r
    • Emeralds: 25r
    • Gold Ingots: 12r
    • Lapis Lazuli: 3r?
    • Iron Ingots: 4r
    • Coal: 32r per stack
    • Cobblestone: 20r per stack
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  8. As for SMP9..

    Diamond 68-72
    Emeralds: 20-25
    Gold Ingots: 8-11
    Iron Ingots: 2.5-3r
    Cobble: 20r/stack
  9. Every smp is different. Smp1 prices are higher then smp6. Gap is closest on prices minus the cobble they run from 18-64 a stack depending on shop and smp
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  10. One additional price check! I need to know the price of:
    • Beacons
    • Nether Stars
    Thanks ^_^
  11. I think beacons are between 7500r and 10k. Same for Nether Stars. Wither Skulls are at 2500r-3500r
    • Diamonds - 75r
    • Emeralds 26-28r
    • Gold Ingots - 10r
    • Lapis Lazuli 3-4r
    • Iron Ingots - 2-3r
    • Coal 20-25r/stack
    • Cobblestone 15-23r/stack
    • Nether Star (Only know of one shop that sells for less than 9.5k)
    • Beacons 8.5k
    this is what I pay, generally if there is two numbers, I pay the lowest.
  12. 10k is history since I and another fellow wrecked the beacon market xD

    7-8k is about right for a beacon.
  13. Beacons are more like 8-9k at smp9
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  14. Well dang all my 6.5k beacons are already going back up D:
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  15. how many withers did you kill to lower it to that?
  16. I still wouldn't buy a beacon for more than 8k tops :p
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  17. This is smp8.
    • Diamonds- 45r
    • Emeralds- 22r
    • Gold Ingots- 6-7r
    • Lapis Lazuli- 2-4r
    • Iron Ingots- 3-5r
    • Coal- 20-100r/stack
    • Cobblestone- 40r per stack

      when did you do that? I've never seen it go that low (the lowest was 7k when I saw it)
  18. According to log records, 94.
    I did it around January-March. It was stocked with 7 or so every few days, but they sold in a few hours :p
  19. Smp7:

    • Diamonds = 52r
    • Emeralds = 22r
    • Gold Ingots = 8r
    • Lapis Lazuli = 2 - 4r
    • Iron Ingots = 2 - 3r
    • Coal = 60 - 100r
    • Cobblestone = 15 - 25r
    • Nether Star = 8k
    • Beacon = 8k