[price check] starter horse with 131.98 speed

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  1. just wanna know how much this thing can be worth, not looking to auction it cuz i may not get a price i like, the prices i have been told so far are WAY spaced out one said 50k another said 300k+ and another said 2mil

    thx emc :)
  2. definitely not 2 mil or 300k, but probs somewhere around 50k
  3. I think they're about 70Kr, I havn't seen one before, but it shouldn't be worth that much more than a normal 130 speed horse...
  4. thx for the replies but if it isnt worth as much as i thought it was ill just keep it as a little special thingy on my res :p
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  5. you should :D I did have a normal skeleton head on my res as a special item in my first year, I thought it was REALLY rare :p
  6. so am i wrong about it being rare? know of any others? (i just wanna knoe lol)
  7. I do always have they answer :p
  8. IMO I think it's just as normal as any other fast horse would be. This one just happens to be a starter horse. Not sure if starter horse are coded differently but I'm sure they all have a chance to have high stats. Still probably worth more then a normal version since it is a starter horse.
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