[Price Check] Nick5013 Head

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by zervados, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Now that nick is gone, I imagine his head is a bit wanted. I for one, do not want it.

    Was wondering, what price would this Nick5013 head worth?
  2. I'll give you a Melon slice for it.
  3. Stone Slab and it is a deal

    Kidding of course.
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  4. I would pay 10k for it. Always wanted a nick head....
  5. Nick is gone? Nooooo! Impossible! When? WHY!
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  6. done
    *reads grey text*
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  7. I will pay with a very special "BrickHugCoupon"
    Not many people have this, and whoever manages to get one free certified lovable hug from me :D
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  8. I have around 32 nick5013 heads. They aren't that rare. lulz
  9. I got the first Nick head ever made though.
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  10. Nick's gone? What? :eek: Oh, I wanted his head so bad, but I could never afford it... Hmmm... time to start plotting.
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  11. Can I have one..?
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  12. No, they are all mine :p
  13. But really when did he leave?
  14. 3 days ago, maybe 4
  15. Did he ever announce how to get a melon head?
  16. Wait he left? Why?
  17. The melon head was a renamed head.
  18. As announced in the Mojang head announcement thread, it was all a hoax. Just like how people have said that I have left.
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