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  1. That is right, me and Aikar have collaborated to bring you one of the most amazing updates yet!
  2. That ending was beautiful, well done to the both of you. :)
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  3. Very nice, bravo.
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  4. I love it :D Can't wait
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  5. That was Pig who got a head of Herobine first
  6. Awesome : D
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  7. On ya guys! Heheh "Err, err, I didn't put that there.."
    Nick: *Looks at Herobrine, and back at Aikar* :D

    Love it guys! Loving the new head drops and all!
    Well done to the both of you! You two have some amazing skills in recording and entertaining us :D

    (Hahah Nick "I know a melon when I see one :D"
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  8. lol Great announcement :p
    Can't wait for dem melon heads..
    but one question, pumpkins are wearable, why is there a head for them xD
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  9. Melon heads, and TNT heads!!!
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  10. Hehe I thought you were gonna showcase DT lol. But, I really knew what it was about... :p

    Been waiting for you to announce this saying that you and Aikar were gonna announce it mid January :p
  11. With the TNT heads coming out I couldn't have picked a better time to get diamond!
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  12. Very nice, thank you.
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  13. Sadly enough, that was a pretty obvious fake.
    First off, by the daylight, it seemed to be around noontime in minecraft, meaning that he didn't take the pictures right after he picked up the head. There would be no skeletons out in daylight.
    Because sometimes the screen that displays is pretty annoying when wearing it, plus it can be used a decorative block.
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  14. So you can obtain Melon Heads from Now? Or not yet?
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  15. Just to clarify-
    Melons / pumpkins broken by pistons can't drop heads?
    Can blowing up TNT destroy other TNT heads if you set off a lot? Or can Aikar make it so they are blast resistant?
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  16. Not yet, I believe. But this is a really great update! I must hire diamond servants...
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  17. I noticed that you called Aikar AY-car instead of EYE-car at the beginning. Aikar has corrected people on this before so I am curious why you got it wrong if you two were working together on this. I could tell you were reading from scripts which means that you two thought out what to say ahead of time, but I don't think I heard an ETA mentioned. Why is that?
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  18. Melon. I like dragon tombs.
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  19. Soon
    Correct, like said in the video, pistons won't let the heads drop.
    Neither of us thought of that, but it should be easy to just copy the code from the nether star when it is released.
    I like to call people by weird names. Such as roonboochin, etc. and they don't usually mind.
    My voice just comes with the quality of sounding monotone and reading off a script, but we did make a small list of things we were going to discuss.
    It's hard to know ETAs for this because Aikar is currently busy working on how to improve the economy(shocking) and other bugfixing. It should be released by the weekend or Friday.
  20. This weekend earth time, or Aikar time?