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  1. Hey! so i'm planning on selling most of my promos but i have no idea what they're worth D: if anyone could help me price em that'd be nice :3

    The promos:
    Ore Buster
    Cupid Bow
    Marlix Bow
    Marlix Chestplate
    Marlix Leggings
    Momentus Toothpick
    Dragon Poop
    Pot of Gold
    Pot of Gold Used
    Remembrance Poppy 2015
    Labor Bench 2014
    EMC Birthday Cake 2015
    Undated Avalauncher
    Feast for a King Voucher
    Chicken Skewer
    Shear Madness
    Bubble Boots
    Potato Plate
    New Year's Empire Firework 2014
    New Year's Empire Firework 2015
    Pi Pie
    Blizz Ard's Arm
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  2. Feast For A King is 5k -15k
    unused Pot Of Gold Is 25k
    Used Pot Of Gold 15k - 20k
    Blizz arm 20k - 30k
    All Marlix Items 25k - 40k
    Undated Ava 25k

    This is what I think, I could be wrong :)
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  3. thanks! still a lot of promos left tho so bump =P
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  4. I'm not really in selling and buying promos at the moment, so my prices might be out-dated or the one I put that bihind might even be totally wrong, but I think I'm really close to the prices mostly... :)

    Ore Buster: it once was over the million, but it dropped after /event, and is back at about 500Kr now I beleve, better said, I wouldn't sell it, it will be worth way more.
    Cupid Bow 15-20Kr
    Marlix Bow 20-25Kr (might be out-dated)
    Marlix Chestplate 20-25Kr (might be out-dated)
    Marlix Leggings 20-25Kr (might be out-dated)
    Momentus Toothpick 20-25Kr (might be out-dated)
    Dragon Poop I don't know, they sould be not worth that much, since they were optaineble in /event
    Pot of Gold 22Kr
    Pot of Gold Used 20Kr
    Remembrance Poppy 2015 18Kr I guess, I'm not really sure.
    Labor Bench 2014 30Kr
    EMC Birthday Cake 2015 15Kr
    Undated Avalauncher 20Kr
    Feast for a King Voucher 12Kr
    Chicken Skewer 35Kr
    Shear Madness 35Kr
    Bubble Boots 35Kr
    Potato Plate 35Kr
    New Year's Empire Firework 2014 37Kr
    New Year's Empire Firework 2015 30Kr
    Dasher about 50Kr?
    Pi Pie 20Kr
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  5. I'm pretty sure Marlix pieces only go for like 10k-15k now, besides the bow, which might be 20k.
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  6. thanks for the help :D
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  7. Ore Buster--- Anywhere from 350-500k, varies heavily on buyer
    Cupid Bow-- 15k
    Marlix Bow-- 25k
    Marlix Chestplate--20k
    Marlix Leggings--18k
    Momentus Toothpick--35k
    Dragon Poop--55k?
    Pot of Gold--unsure
    Pot of Gold Used--15k
    Remembrance Poppy 2015--not sure as most people don't sell them
    Labor Bench 2014--25k
    EMC Birthday Cake 2015--20k
    Undated Avalauncher--depends heavily on seller, I could easily sell for 8k, some people go all the way up to 50k
    Feast for a King Voucher--5k
    Chicken Skewer--30k
    Shear Madness--18k
    Bubble Boots--35k
    Potato Plate--35k
    New Year's Empire Firework 2014--28k
    New Year's Empire Firework 2015--20k
    Pi Pie--15k
    Blizz Ard's Arm--30k
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