[Price Check] "Green" 2015 Firework

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by neonkillah, Mar 25, 2020 at 8:46 PM.

  1. Saw in the now-closed promo price thread that the "green" empire firework was worth 1.8mil. I've never had that much good luck, so I wanted to ask if this is what they mean by green, and how much it's actually worth.
  2. unfortunately that isnt the one :(

    here is a example picture for future reference :)
  3. ah, see that one is clearly green. I should have known :p
  4. And it is still listed in the current promo price thread under 2014 firework (green)
    I just juggled the format a bit
  5. Perhaps changing "green" to "light green" could help clarify things a bit? :)
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