[Price Check] Dragon Eggs

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  1. I do not own these I am just wondering so I can buy one at a good price:
    Vanilla Dragon Egg- ?mil
    Original Dragon Egg - ?mil
    Any other Dragon egg I left out - ?mil

    Thnaks, Bugsyz
  2. Vanilla dragon egg is about 900k. An original dragon egg is practically priceless, but most likely 20 mil to 30 mil plus. I do not expect any to sell any time soon. There are no other dragon egg types.
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  3. vanilla: 1,100,000r
    original: it is very hard to find sellers; 2,000,000r-30,000,000r
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  4. Would a vanilla be worth it at 1.4mil if there was only 1 seller?
  5. Some collectors would pay even more, I think, its all about who has them and who wants them
  6. The Original egg sells for Unknown Value, The Crystal sells for 3,000,000-10,000,000.
  7. The crystal is an aspect of the original dragon egg. If people are selling them separately, they shouldn't be...
  8. Well, that is news. Right now there are two on the market. One for 5 mil, and another being advertised for 20 mil
  9. *spends $300 for 5,000,000r*
  10. i remember like 2-3 years ago I saw an original dragon egg sold for around 4-20k no joke
    .... Times have changed alot
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  11. The cheapest one I know of sold for 84k during a 4 egg auction when it was a LOT of rupees. And yes, times do change =)
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  12. won't dragon tombs ruin the non-original dragon egg economy? I heard that the new eggs will be the same as the non-original ones
  13. They will be the same as the vanilla eggs which is why the original eggs were given out in the first place.
  14. so the dragon egg I have will be worth like 50k in the future? :eek:
  15. I doubt it will go that low, but this has been known since the Dragon Tomb plans were released that there will be more.
  16. will the dragon drop the egg every time it dies?
  17. Yes, there will be one egg for everyone who participates.
  18. Yes :p good this I sold my dragon egg today
  19. you sold the dragon egg you spent months looking for?
  20. Perhaps... I mean, I got a hell of a deal for it :p