[PRICE CHECK] A Dragon Stone, A Beacon, and A 2014 B-Day Cake!

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  1. Hi all!

    I recently just finished up with something, and as reward, I earned my self a beacon and a 2014 b-day cake! I'm just wondering as to know how much all the items listed up top are worth, separately, or together, doesn't matter.

  2. Cakes can very from 10-14k, and beacons are actually a "controversially" priced item-Some will say 10k, some 16... I'd say 12-14k :)
  3. - Dragon Stone - 29-32k
    - Beacon - 11-12k
    - Cake - 13k?
  4. I was thinking, Dragon stone: 28 - 30k Beacon: 13 14k and the cake I have seen it going on forums at 18 22k

    Hope this helps
  5. dragon stone: 22.5k
    beacon: 12k
    cake: 17k
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  6. Alright, thanks guys I'll average out the prices :D
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  7. So, from my calculations, the dragon stone should go for approximately 28.5k, the beacon for 13k and the cake for 15.5k? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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  8. Sounds good, but I still think the cake should be worth a lot more.
  9. How much did the cake cost? I was on vacation when it was available :(
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  10. 15k in shop I think.
  11. I'm not sure, I wasn't there anyways
  12. The beacons are currently 15-20k, but have been in the past and may again be about 10-12k.
    Dragon stones are usually around 30k give or take.
    The birthday cake is hard to pin down, but I see them bought from 10-15k and sold at shops for 20k ish.
  13. Oh, so they didn't actually raise in value at all. I thought it was free for a limited time.