Presidential Pen . . . In Action

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  1. Thanks for the Pen EMC. Very Nice!!

    Preface: Not complaining, just reporting.

    Now, I see the Looting IV on it. Hmm, took it to my Wither Skull place to give it a go. After 20+ Wither Skeleton kills I didn't get a single skull while using the sword (Presidential Pen), although my second kill with the Looting III Voters Bow I got a Skull. Now I realize it's not a straight forward equation to equal a skull drop as there is a random part of it. However, me personally, the range aspect of the bow with the Looting III is better than the Toe to Toe Looting IV sword especially when it take 10 hits with the Pen/sword to kill a Wither Skeleton.

    BTW, I was also wearing a Tier 3 Witches Gem. I have it on all the time.

    . . . I really like that it's Mending though, else I would never have used it.

    Challenge: Take your new Presidential Pen and kill some Wither Skeletons. How many skulls do you get?

    Conclusion: Since the Looting IV didn't really seem to work well for me, I figure the Enchantment was really meant to symbolize the fact it is a Presidential Pen after all. Heh, if so, I think Looting IV is a bit low. ;)

  2. Ah nice test. I will bring one out to my wither area and see what results I get.
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  3. I've been using it. I come out behind at my mob grinder because of the extra time it takes to clear the mobs.

    I thought the pen would be better for boss hunting and seasonal event mobs.
  4. What sword are you comparing it to? I normally my voter's sword when they have half a heart.
  5. A max stat sword with sweeping edge. Fortune is supposed to accrue over the life of the mob, so last hitting with fortune should not give you a noticeable bonus.

    But for luck effect...I'm not killing custom mobs, just normal mobs, so I'm not sure if luck still applies. It's a little unclear. I also hold a rabbit's foot (+25% luck) in my offhand but I think all it does is make me look silly.

    ...did you check your mob grinding for that iron voters sword? :p
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  6. Ya I'm 1000% sure it not there since I only bring my diamond gear out :D
  7. You have the power to improve this. :cool: .... :D --- EDIT: oh, wait, whoops, I remembered again, not anymore... >.< :p

    Buuuutt maybe you're excluding that one time you accidentally took the wrong stuff... :p
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