Present Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Carbhoe, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. My birthday is on the 30th of this month and I don't know what to get! I need ideas of what I should ask my parents. If you have any ideas of a decent gift it would be great. Even if its a game or something like that, that would be great! :D

    Also, if you're wondering if this thread untidy, I'm using my phone :)

  2. I know! Get my diamond supportership for your birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.
  3. Thanks, that'd be cool.I also need more ideas for things I can use IRL :)
  4. Whoops *Get ME diamond supportership heh heh
  5. v-moda m80 headphones. Google is your friend.
  6. D:
  7. They look nice :D
  8. I always seem to lose my socks, probably in the couch. A bunch of socks never hurt anyone
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  9. Lol, I got socks for christmas :p
  10. Stop. You're just spamming every thread you can now.
  11. Go away. You spam every thread with this 'diamond supporter' rubbish. It's getting seriously annoying and it's not funny.
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  12. The first time I seen Sky's post I was like 'Hold on, I mean't my birthday not yours'

    Now I know he repeats the same thing now, thanks guys for telling him to stop :)
  13. Get steam cards and buy yourself some steam games :)
    Or Guild Wars 2 :D
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  14. I may not be the worlds most active member on here but i agree with mba2012 and SoulPunisher. Stop with the diamond supporter stuff its just so annoying if someone wants to give supporter away then they will. No need to spam everywhere seeing as you've spammed enough of it to get everyone to know and probably not give you 'free' supporter because of this annoyance you keep causing.


    Now back on topic of Starpunchers birthday... how about some new games? i know you have PS3... get some of them?
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  15. Star has no laptop. Well, he does. But it's my old one because he broke his one's screen and it's not very powerful and doesn't work.
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  16. Get a 3DS or a 2DS
    Dem things are gooood :3
    Not so sure about the 2DS though, I'm not to keen on the shape of it
  17. I was supposed to be getting one for christmas, I've kinda gone off them now.
  18. Might aswell put it in the news while you're at it -.-"
  19. I'm getting one :D