Prepare for trouble... (make it double!)

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  1. To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our regions to the stars above...

    Jessie! .... James!

    Team Rocket blasts of with the speed of light!

    Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

    (that's right!)


    I'm a big fan of cartoons, animations, Japanese animations ("anime") and well... One of the things about Anime which has always fascinated me is that some of them contain really good music scores. Of course, if you're into that stuff.

    Not just that; some music scores are only marginally used even though there's a lot more to enjoy. The most drastic example I've seen so far was in the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion series (one of my all time favorites) where during a wedding ceremony you hear 3 girls sing 1 line of lyrics (in Japanese, even on the English soundtrack). While in fact the song itself lasted a lot longer (which could be heard on the official sound track ("OST")).

    Here is another classic example...

    (click here if the video doesn't play)

    I'm not a die hard Pokémon fan, but this song still managed to intrigue me. You see; in the Netherlands all Pokémon cartoons were translated to Dutch (yuch!). Even the famous 'Team Rocket motto'.

    But in season 1 you sometimes got music previews at the end of an episode, and this also included the Team Rocket song. Which made it plain out obvious that the original was English (well, the Western original anyway, the 'original' original :D) is of course Japanese).

    So yah, I came across this gem in one of my Youtube playlists, and figured I'd share :)
  2. The Empire is unhealthy; its making me lose sleep (or would that be Minecraft itself? Considering the 'vanilla approach' of EMC I'm not too sure here anymore :D)

    I promised double trouble up there...

    We all know the epic original intro song (1997) I trust; "Gotta catch 'm all!"?

    Just in case:

    Click here if the video doesn't play

    It's obviously used and covered by many people, but there's one specific artist who I think has truly managed to capture the 'spirit' of the whole Pokémon phenomena. For example; did you know that it all started with a videogame? (source Wikipedia)

    Lindsey Stirling, an American dancer and violinist, has made a whole repertoire of covering well known music scores with her violin; mostly shared in Youtube videos which, in my opinion anyway, always manages to capture the spirit of whatever she's doing / covering.

    You can probably guess where this is going....

    She teamed up with Kurt Hugo Schneider for this one, and they bring us the Pokémon dubstep remix:

    Click here if the video doesn't play

    Gotta catch 'm all alright! :)
  3. Both of these videos I had never seen before, and both of these videos I did really enjoy!
    Thank you for sharing! :)
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