Potato's UHC

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  1. Potato’s UHC
    August 27 2016 - 5:00 PM (emc time)
    EMC Staff Attending:
    This server is 1.8 with 1.9/10 compatibility. Combat is 1.8, and 1.9 features are off.
    IP: potatouhc.fluctis.com
    Gamemode: Teams of 3 Cutclean
    (cutclean - ores and food drop pre-smelted. you do not need to smelt)
    How To Play
    This server is modified heavily from Vanilla, making for a very unique experience. I’ll do my best to explain all of the tweaks the server has, but if something needs to be clarified further please do let me know!

    As this UHC is purely for fun, players who have died will be able to spectate within 150 blocks of 0,0 (you’ll be teleported back if you try), and spectators cannot go underground. Spoiling (giving away information when dead, even to your own team) is not allowed; your ability to spectate will be taken away!

    Team Chat/Creation
    If the game is a teams game (it most likely will be), team creation is a little different from what you might be used to. There are a few major changes--you cannot join a team you're not invited to, there's a team chat, your can broadcast your coordinates to your team, and a bunch of other stuff. Commands for team creation are:
    » /team invite <player> - invite a player to your team

    » /team accept <player> - accept a team invite from a player

    » /team leave - leave your current team

    » /pm <text> - send a message to your team

    » /pmcoords - broadcast your coordinates to your team

    Important Features
    PvP Changes
    PvP is NOT on from the start! It will be enabled 20 minutes into the game. [see ‘rules’]

    The world border doesn’t shrink. However, 60 minutes into the game ‘Meetup’ will be called, meaning that all players must proceed to 0,0 for the final fight. [see ‘rules’]

    Player Heads
    When a player dies, their head will be dropped on a fence post. Player heads can be used to craft Golden Heads.

    Golden Heads
    They’re golden apples, but made with a player head instead of an apple. Each Golden Head heals four hearts instead of two.

    Other Minor Changes
    » Enderpearl damage is off (you don’t take damage from throwing pearls)

    » Nether is on. Potions are on. Level II potions are disabled. Strength potions are disabled.

    » Map radius is 1000x1000 (2000x2000 total)

    » God Apples are disabled.

    » Health is shown in tab and under player nametags as a percentage.

    A few rules need to be established to ensure that the game runs as smoothly as possible. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this ruleset:

    » Damaging a player before PvP is enabled (this is called ‘IPvP’) is NOT allowed.

    » Excessive stalking (not allowing a player to mine/place blocks, craft, etc.) before PvP is enabled is NOT allowed. You may stalk (follow) another player as long as you are not interfering with their game.

    » Stealing from another player is before PvP is enabled is NOT allowed.

    » When Meetup is called, you must proceed directly to 0,0. You may stop briefly or to fight another player.

    » Any bad sportsmanship or disrespect will not be tolerated.

    A few commands exist to help out hosts/players.

    » /helpop <message> - sends a message to all online staff. use this if you have a question or need to communicate with hosts without anyone knowing.

    » /health <player> - check a player’s health at any time.

    The Server/Plugins
    This section exists purely to show off the server. This isn't a vanilla UHC, and makes use of dozens of plugins/custom skripts to make the game go smoothly.


    UHC Start:

    Scoreboard tracks PvE deaths, as well as counts time until PvP/Meetup:
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  2. nice
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  3. I like
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  4. This should be interesting :D
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  5. Ooo this sounds awesome. Expect me to be attending :)
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  6. I will try to be there :)
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  7. I will try my best to make it :D
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  8. nice, will try to attend. how are you hosting this event?
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  9. I'm hosting it on my own server.
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  10. I can finally attend UHC :D
  11. How are you hosting the server ?:rolleyes:
  12. By hosting.
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  13. Triple Packed Ores!!!!!!
  14. What is the policy on playing solo and making a fort instead?
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  15. As long as its not underground OR in the sky, and at the meetup point (0,0) its perfectly legal
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  16. Does this mean at 0,0 you can make a fort underground?
  17. "not underground"
  18. "and at the meetup point (0,0) its perfectly legal"