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  1. I would like to post some pics but I can't seem to figure it out... When I select "Insert/edit image" it pops a window that says: "Insert Image" Then "Enter image URL:" So I am guessing you need to upload your pics to a host site and then enter the pics address in the URL line??? If that is the case, what FREE sites do you use?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Imgur.
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  3. Yes, that's right. :) is pretty good and easy to use.
    To post pictures on forum threads you can also click the Upload a File button here below (next to Post Reply), but that doesn't work in private messages.
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  4. Thanks!
    Palmsugar you are awesome! Thanks for answering my questions again! :D I will give that "Upload a File" a shot. Would help if I looked at all the buttons before asking... hehe
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