Post Your Best Internet Results!

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  1. Never get's old being 10x above the global average :)
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  2. Mother of God, that is fast.
  3. You have to love it when a website says it'll take 22 minutes to download and it's done in 1:30.
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  4. Awesome. That's the first time one of these tests have actually been able to get close to my actual ISP's advertised speed. My upload still only shows about half of my actual speed though.
  5. dang that's fast how much is that a month

  6. My old internet (before it became really outdated, and sky broke it on purpose just to get money off me and my family) was an A+ and was faster than 50% of GB.

    It also holds up my laptop, my brother's laptop, my mum's laptop and my dad's laptop and iPad.
  7. £25.50 a month ($37 or so?)
  8. You should get Virgin.
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  9. They won't let me rejoin - I (according to them) owe them money, and I don't.
  10. My internet is very bad D:

  11. My internet sometimes is amazing sometimes its crap I will try :D
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  12. I love Virgin media NEVER have I had a problem EVER

    This was my best I have had for a while and this is mine today
  13. I couldnt load the image xD
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  14. Test to London Namesco speed test location and try again :)
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  15. Oh dear. We have a person on talktalk
  16. Don't worry my Friend with Talk Talk has a download of 0.25 and an upload of 1.00 with ping about 200 it's soo funny because he runs a 200+ subscriber channel xD
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  17. Not my fault I was with Aol and it was fine TalkTalk decides to make everything go pear shaped and buy Aol and that is of the why :( That and I just learnt Fellyboy was on PS3 with his friend online my mom was on the computer, while I was with my dad on the TV internet and then my laptop was still connected downstairs downloading TF2 :D
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