Post a picture of your desktop

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  1. Not sure if posted (I have checked on search), but here it is.

    Here's my usual desktop (I keep VirtualDub open because it renders a ton of videos which are to be uploaded to YT practically the whole time my computer's on):

    What does your desktop look like?
  2. How well does virtual dub work for you? I am thinking about getting it since cam studio has been bugging me lately for making videos. I can only record for like 15 minutes then have it compress or whatever otherwise it doesn't want to work.

    Or have you used it to record any minecraft videos? Also does it record audio from microphone or in game or both? I looked around their site and it doesn't seem to tell much. :S

    Just took a look at your desktop again and noticed Fraps. I guess you use that instead for video recordings right?
  3. My desktop scrolls. Here are the ones I have set to scroll at the moment:

  4. One piece, death note, assassins creed is pretty cool. :p

    My desktop scrolls to. However I can't really post the pics of my desktop cause 1. I have over a 1000 pics. Each one awesome and original. and 2. don't want to take the time to copy and paste each pic. :p

    But yeah its about that time that I go get more awesome pics. :p
  5. my desktop was a screenshot from my minecraft single player world as I knew my laptop was gonna die :(
  6. Yay~! The pointless picture I took of mine isn't so pointless! ;w;

    LAWL anways, here is mine! ^^ I'm very OCD. xD

  7. You play C&C Generals. I love you.
  8. Magic double post. I had to change my wallpaper before uploading sadly.

  9. Kinda bleh. I clear out half the icons most of the time.

  10. My desktop is not all exciting :p I never store anything on it, but it's where my screenshots go :)
  11. :O i use two monitors :D my laptop and an old comp screen for the live maps :D. Im so resourceful :p anyone here use rainmeter? i have some awesome rainmeter skins ill show when i post mah desktop later today :D
  12. How do u take a pciture of your desktop???
  13. Screen capturing. For mac's it is command+shift+3
    on Windows there is a button on the left side of the keyboard that says screen capture or something like that :)
  14. I need to get rid of some of my icons.....

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  15. >Frostwire
    I lol'd
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  16. That's one of them xD
  17. Here's mine.
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  19. I am going to guess all of them :D