Post a picture of your desk!

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  1. Hi EMC!

    Inspired by Show Yourself 1.0 and 2.0, I've created a new picture thread. This time, it's all about your desk. Try to get the whole thing in with your display off, as shown in my pic below. You can organize before you take the pic if you like. Have fun!

    A bit about my desk:
    The computer is a 2007 20" iMac. If you look to the right, you'll see my joystick (for flight simming), my Lava Lamp, my pencil holder, and some tissues. The little black box under the screen is my backup drive. There's also a little grey flashlight. To the left is my space calendar and an information card for one of my model rockets.
  2. Cool :D

    Ill post one, once I get a desk XD
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  3. And yes, this is open to Windows users. :p
  4. Pfft... desk? I just use the floor :p
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  5. can't wait for nmanley's desk to come xD
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  6. Here's mine! To the left is my Acer Aspire 5750 6667 laptop (For the geeks like me :)), to the right is my dad's old Samsung printer that has no ink whatsoever, so its just sitting there disconnected. The purple box is for all of my computer stuff (memory, games, boxes, ect.). In the center is my three keyboards (two of which are the old ps/2 serial ports that I cannot use) and one is usb. The thing sticking out of my laptop on the left is a usb hub with a bluetooth adapter, cooling cord (it goes to one of the cooling pads that my laptop is too big for. I have to stick a piece of cardboard on one of the corners its soo tiny XD) and backup external drive casing (long story, its using the hard drive of my old laptop that died :/) Thats about it!

  7. Boom!

    Not really my desk xD
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  8. i see that grey text XD
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  9. Shhhh!
  10. I wish I had that desk though XD
  11. I don't have a desk :( I don't even have room for one in my bedroom. I'm currently sitting at a plastic foldaway table in our living room trying to get some study down.
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  12. I know what your desk looks like, and that's not even close!
  13. try changing the color to this (2a2a2a)
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  14. lol are u for cereal? xP i wish i had this !!
  15. I would post a picture, but it's not really a desk. It's just my PC sitting on a box next to my 47" HDTV :p
  16. I'll post mine when my camera gets back from work. :I [Dad took the car with the camera in it if you didn't get it. xD]
  17. Finally, someone who has both systems ;D
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  18. uh duh.. its the only way to go....

  19. That's my desk, but only 3 screens, not 4!