Possibly impossible suggestion

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  1. Alright, so. Here is how my suggest goes.
    1. You make a pretty shop like mine.
    2. You stock it with stuff.
    3. A play who wants to buy the stuff right clicks the sign and is brought to the chest GUI. Any item they wish to buy, they shift-left click.
    4. is my favorite number.
    There are a few downsides, but I think this would make it easier to buy horse eggs w/o the trust system.
  2. This would really help with selling things that don't stack properly/have proper names.
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  3. What about specific price to stock? For instance the sign says buy, but what if there was two villager eggs 4 diamond blocks, and 3 enchanted books. How would you specify price for each item?
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  4. I very much like this idea. :) Hopefully it can be implemented. The only issue I could see is that the price has to be the same for all items, but that should be fine if you're selling things like similar horse eggs or enchanted books.
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  5. Each slot is the set price on the sign. In the example I gave, those 64 beacons would be 1r.
  6. Cheap much... I'll take two!
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  7. +4 (Your favorite number)
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  8. +5 (because 3, them 4, then 5)
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  9. This is very possible - I have made something similar using chest gui systems and signs altering redstone:

    So I agree the trust system is 'iffy' I'd rather know all the specs or just hover over something, than to accidentally click an item, and not be able to get a refund.

    To be able to perform this, you'd do the following:

    on click of sign - the contents are copied and stored in a temporary hashmap (or array, doesn't matter too much)

    it would display a chest - inserting the values of the content into the correct slots
    (sizes of chests can be dynamically changed up to 'i believe' 11 lines - after that it bugs out a bit)

    on drag, on shift left click, on shift right click, and inventory tweaks will be disabled (to deny normal interactions - or mess up the chest - or to exploit receiving free things)

    on left click or right click - it will check the quantity on the sign and the item

    it will then check your inventory with the matched sign values to see if there's an empty space

    if there is, it will check to see if you have the money to buy the item- else notify you an error

    if you have the money it will move the item from the chest to your inventory, deduct money from your account, notify you, and close the chest (or keep it open - doesn't matter)
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  10. I like
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  11. +9001
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  12. Definitely possible. We have something planned better than the suggestion though. Don't have all of the details figured out yet, but it will be a preview sign shop. It would ideally work with the prices shown in the item lore.