Possible glitch/bug? Constant Momentus and Marlix

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  1. I don't know if this is a bug/glitch or not, but yesterday evening I was out in the frontier and it said, "The ground shakes nearby" and I knew that that meant a momentous spawned. Then about 5 minutes later it said, "You sense an eerie presence" and I knew that a marlix had spawned. My difficulty was on 3 which is low and the chances of both spawning at around the same time is really uncommon. Then this morning Makabby and I were both out in the frontier on smp6 and our difficulties were both set at 3. A momentous spawned and we asked ItMeWolffPack to come help us fight it. About 30 minutes after we defeated it, I got the message saying "you sense an eerie presence". And just a few minutes ago I got another "The ground shakes nearby" message. I was just wondering if it will continue to do this because of a bug or I was just 'really lucky' and had it happen to me 3 times within 24 hrs. If it is possible I would like the big mobs to stop spawning. I have lived in the frontier for over 6 months and nothing like this has ever happened. Thanks ~MonkeyMakabby:)
  2. This is most likely a bug. Earlier today smp8 had a massive marlix spawning.
  3. WitherDoggie that is what got me banned...
  4. I fought them all and it was abusive to the glitch, I wouldn't worry to much about it
  5. I am sorry to hear you were banned.
  6. I advise you not to fight more than one of each a day if this continues to happen, as it can be seen as abuse of a glitch.
  7. Just a minutes ago I got a message saying "you sense an eerie presence"! This bug has got to stop.
  8. It may take some time for Aikar and the other devs to find the bug and find a fix, just be patient and avoid anything that can get you banned. If one spawns, let someone know who hasn't killed one and give them the coords.
  9. Fighting custom mobs is not abuse of a glitch.
  10. I really hope so. I have a couple at my base and certainly not gonna let someone else come there as it's a private area. I've had 2-3 spawn while I was working around the area but left them be for now as I was busy.
  11. hardly, you cant really be expected not to fight mobs that are near you. particularly when you play on diff 7 and they draw you in anyways.

    if aikar wanted it off he would turn boss spawning off. shyguy was likely banned for numerous reasons
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  12. I'm not sure Staff want to ban everyone who's fought a miniboss in the last few days. ;)
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  13. :D
  14. There is nothing wrong with killing more than one in a day. It is actually encouraged that you find a group of friends (whether they killed one or not) and fight it together. If you see one and want to kill it, go ahead and don't worry. You definitely won't be banned. If you see it and don't want to kill it, try and ignore it or go around it.
  15. Its probably just the people who kill 10s or so I would think... 1 or 2 would be quite extreme for a ban.
  16. Even if you kill 1000 in a day they wouldn't really care as long as you didn't break any rules doing it. It would be the same as banning someone because they killed too many creepers. If Aikar wants people to kill less than he will lower the spawning of them.
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  17. I found 8-10 before as they built up over time. Can't see that being a reason to ban. Even if it was 10 spawned in at same time at someone's base. What other way is there to get rid of them? They don't despawn.
  18. i walked into two by my base on smp6 that randomly had spawned when i wasnt there (im the only one who lives out there)
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  19. Exactly. There are 2 of us at my base and we've seen a message everyday (which fits with Aikars new timing system) I'm sure there are 5+ around.
  20. This actually helps me, but there was over 20 at where I was, pretty sure that isn't normal