Possible exploit with chests.

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  1. On Lockette you can roll a Minecart with Hopper underneath a chest, and BOOM.

    The items slip into the hopper.

    Has this been fixed on EMC?
  2. yeah it has, but in the future, try to report any exploit (fixed or not) in a PM to Aikar/other necessary staff. Posting about it publicly might tempt some if a bug is not fixed - to go and try it out.
  3. Just to add a little bit of extra information to this...

    EMC uses flags to protect player residences. And because this is custom coded it allows for a lot of fine grained control. For example: the build flag can be used to allow people to build (obvious). So basically adding and removing blocks. You can also give players an individual place or destroy flag. So that they can only place or remove blocks.

    So now to the question at hand: for this scenario to work the abusive player would need to have the minecart flag (placing / removing minecarts) as well as the storageminecart flag. That specifically allows the usage of hopper minecarts.

    So as you can see there is a lot of control at work here. Even if you allow players to place minecarts (for example for your rollercoaster ride) then this will still prevent them from using hoppers.

    EMC got you covered :)
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  4. We're talking about the Wonderful Wild.
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  5. EMC doesn't use Lockette, but a custom coded locking system. All exploits are caught before being rolled out and any that aren't caught are fixed fairly quickly. I remember some old ones. One was an accidental one (like I wasn't trying to break into his chest).

    Aka Residence. Which our (kinda) lord and savouir JustinGuy contributed too.
  6. What exploits were there?

    (out of interest. These have been fixed so I can't use them anyway)
  7. TNT at proper angles use to be able to blow the chests up heh.

    but yeah we fixed hopper issue before we released the update that added em.
  8. Creepers could blow up the part of a double chest without a sign.
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  9. I can remember me being paranoid and sometimes only using single chests back in '13.
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