[POLL] Sweden Vs United Nations

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Who Will You Join?

Join Swedish Army 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Join The Un Army 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. Because I'm Danish
  2. Agreed. We don't want danish people in Sweden.

    Edit: Sweden is apart of the UN but not in Nato.
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  3. considering we were just attacked by them
  4. Talking about this topic is so weird since Sweden is so neutral when it comes to war lol.
  5. yes I know but this is all just for fun purpose's
  6. but yeah your right Sweden is normally neutral
  7. Do you live in Sweden or have any connection to it? Seems odd to bring the small country of Sweden up. xD
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  8. eh its just were the founder of Minecraft is from ive never actually been there
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  9. Sweden is actually quite popular, as far as I can tell. I personally prefer Denmark, though.
    I bet Scandinavia is unpopular with most Americans though: it is very, um, I'm afraid I forgot the word again... I'm so inexperienced on the field of politics, it's embarrassing. >.< :( But yeah, caring about other people, you know? The opposite of the USA. I bet most Scandinavians are even more appalled by the USA than most Dutch are. :p
  10. Lets have one big nurf gun war
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  11. Mmm, Sweden~

    Such a nice country. :)
  12. The meatballs
    The shop

  13. hmm yes the meatballs