[POLL] SMP6 or SMp8

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SMP6 or SMP8

Poll closed Jun 21, 2015.
SMP6 7 vote(s) 24.1%
SMP8 26 vote(s) 89.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So there was a small discussion on 6 that 6 was getting weirder than 8, but some people were opposing that opinion. So I wanted to know you guys' opinion! (Also 'cause i'm really bored :p)
  2. Looks like smp8 is weirder.
  3. We have a 30 something page thread about why SMP8 is absolutely bonkers. Quiet is good and SMP8 is not for everyone, but a little comedy never hurt anyone ;). Honestly, I consider SMP6 one of the more boring servers, followed by SMP3.
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  4. as one of the few oldest smp6 residents i like it quiet, its pretty bustling usually when the supporters get talking. but the quiet is nice.
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  5. Smp8 forever,obviously we all know who is the weirdest. we have the most random people and the most random mods :p
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  6. You forgot smp5. It is quiet so much of the time atleast in my experience. It may be different when people play more over the summer.
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  7. Smp8. Last time I was on there someone had a pancake war and then I think someone married a pancake...
  8. was it one of the pancakes I was handing out?
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  9. Let's see...

    Piz arols,
    Marrying a cactus,
    "You are my wife now" fish,
    Marrying mayonnaise,
    The preservation of Stan,
    "I am the bird who f(l)aps in the night",
    "Mr. Lucky, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!"...

    First few smp8 things that come to mind.
  10. Don't forget our thirty-odd page long thread! ;)
  11. I remember you being there, It was a pancake party or something.