[POLL] Should mob grinders/spawners be removed from the Empire?

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Should mob grinders/spawners be removed from the Empire?

Yes. (Please explain) 3 vote(s) 3.8%
No. 76 vote(s) 96.2%
  1. Should mob xp-farms/traps/grinders/spawners be completely removed from EMC? If you pick yes, please explain your reasoning. IMO that would mean useless dungeons.
  2. I voted no, im just curious about what the community thinks.
  3. No because then getting good enchantments would take hours!
  4. Really, why would you ask this?!?
  5. It's a convienience to enchanters, but I understand if you think its unfair.
  6. Dont worry, i dont plan on trying to put any effort towards getting them removed (like my effort would matter anyways):) I grind a lot myself!:)
  7. I've yet to grind experience with a spawner.
  8. I personally find it to be the best way to get a large income
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  9. Just your friendly neighborhood bumper
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  10. Someone said they didn't like cakes yesterday, Should we make a poll to get them removed?
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  11. No my poll isnt saying "The majority of people hate grinders (even though they dont), so lets get rid of them!1111!!11!!", it was just a poll (for myself) to see if it is just a few in town that want that to happen:) This isnt a poll to get them removed, this is a poll to see peoples opinion on wanting them to stay or leave:)
  12. i voted no, only because of spawners. i think that above-ground mob-traps should be illegal, as those create too much lag and make it so mobs dont spawn at all. i actually had more zombie pigmen spawn at a shared wild-base than mobs because of this.
    spawners pretty much ignore the mob cap limit, so im fine with those. like i said above-ground spawners i think should be banned. that is all.
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  13. Everyone's gonna say no. But it was a good shot anyway, and a GREAT way to start a conversation.
    I voted no because where would i get all my xp?
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  14. There is one supporter that would totally say yes, and i invited her to openly discuss her reasoning in this thread, but she hasnt even replied to my PM:confused:
  15. Honestly, Removal of the spawners would also remove EMC's ability to advertise as a Vanilla Server. As spawners are a part of Vanilla Minecraft, if one were to advocate for their removal they should just advocate for removal of hostile mobs completely. And build at the same time build a EMC sized coffin because it would be murder. I voted no for this reason. Its not the spawners themselves that cause the mob cap to be its how the area around the spawner is terraform to continually spawn with no danger to anyone and them staying in this spot afk for long periods of time that make the mob cap hit.. You get a server when 10 maybe 20 grinders all afk'ed nothing else will spawn normally but that is preprogrammed notion that is hung over from single player where having 1,000 to 2,000 mobs spawned in the loading chunks is almost unheard of so there are these limits there because of programming and avoiding infinite loops to have a herd of creepers running at you persay..<,<
  16. I know why he asked this. Haha!:)
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  17. I have a double spawner and it hits 150 mobs in around 6-7minutes. I personally think a triple is only worth it if its a triple skele/zombie.
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  18. The triple i have is made of 2 zombies and one skeleton:)
  19. *Gasp* two yes votes?!:confused: If you are one of the two yes votes, please explain your reasoning to us:)