Poll: Periodic reset of normal worlds?

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Should we reset the normal world on each server monthly?

Poll closed Nov 20, 2011.
Yes - Reset it every month! I am sick of navigating these ugly things 16 vote(s) 84.2%
No - Don't reset it until nothing but bedrock is left 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. destroyed_world.jpg

    Every big server has this problem, the normal open world gets destroyed by hundreds of players and gangs of creepers. As announced on a different thread (here), we will be resetting the normal world on each server during the next Minecraft release. What does everyone think of periodically resetting the normal world on each server? Something like monthly?
  2. What about the people who build on the normal worlds. I think only the wastland should be reset every month. The nether is a fun place to "live on the edge." The wilderness is also an ideal place to make a secret base. Theese two worlds still need to be reset though, so I'm not sure what a good fix might be.
  3. I think this is essential to maintaining a good gaming experience. I don't see how people can get too upset considering they have an untouched town to build on. Anything in the wilderness, etc. is doomed to be destroyed one way or another anyway so it might as well be for the good of the community/server.

    Plus... just look at that screenshot above...
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  4. How about a 3 month resets?
  5. I think there are several benefits to resetting the worlds regularly.

    First, easier access to resources.

    Also, as Justin's screenshot suggests, it'll keep these worlds from becoming vast, difficult to traverse, and hazardous eye-sores.

    Another thing good thing that resetting the worlds monthly will do is help everyone to realize that it's not a safe place to build anything you like and want to keep.

    The unfortunate reality of a public server like this one, especially such a popular one, is that there will always be new people coming on who are going to just be here to go on a rampage of destruction... not to mention some of the regulars who may be doing the same at times and have not been caught yet. It's simply impossible for us to stop this from happening at least some of the time.

    Many of us don't realize this reality when we first come on, and we go out and start building our dreams in the great vastness of the Wasteland. Then we have the terrible experience of having our dreams desacrated. I didn't realize this myself when I first came here, and I had to learn this lesson the hard way... like most people do.

    The non-town worlds are really just there for gathering resources, exploring and adventuring. The town is the only safe place to build anything you love.

    If the non-town worlds are reset monthly, less people will make this mistake because they'll know thier constructions will be lost at some point anyway.
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  6. I'll be completely honest.

    I think a monthly reset would be perfect. Think about it: The more the map is hollowed out around spawn due to players wanting a "quick" way to gather resources (aka, just outside spawn), the farther people have to travel, therefore the more they put themselves at risk of getting "lost" or being careless enough to be torn apart by a very peeved gang of Spiders.

    Not only would this replenish the amount of resources, this will also ensure player "safety."

    Though if I may offer an idea for the reset(s): Have players keep the landscape looking nice. No giant 1x1 towers or randomly built formations, no unpatched Creeper craters, assist in cleaning up after Endermen for a set rate of pay, etc. As many people may have voiced over the time this server has existed, the mangled area outside Spawn clashes horribly with the nice-and-neat feel of the protected Spawn region. Having people participate in keeping it look as nice as possible could go a long way towards improving internal server member relations.
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  7. I think a monthly reset is a wonderful idea. Make it for the 1st of every month, beginning in January.
    Minecraft 1.0 requires a world reset
    Minecraft 1.0 is expected to release ~18-19 November. Additionally, the Empire requires ~5 days to adapt, which brings us to ~23-24 November. Seven (7) days later is 1 December. This will give us more or less an additional week to the 1 month timeline following the initial reset. This will be able to put us nearly exactly on schedule for a monthly reset. :)
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  8. Although there are a few people who actively participate in cleaning up the Wasteland, there is only so much they can do before they might think their actions will be considered griefing, such as taking down a pillar of cobblestone. This is completely understandable and we appreciate and encourage the diligence regarding situations like this.

    The fact is that far too many people cause destruction or build nonsensical structures to be controlled. We can only encourage new players to respect the environment and the server.

    I often see people trying to sell dozens of stacks of dirt. Why not take it out to the Wasteland and use it to fill in creeper holes and hazardous traps? Would you really rather have 10 rupees for all of it?
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  9. this is madness trying to jump through this broken ground, y do we haft treg through this madness when we can restore this world to beutifull land that is minecraft. i also think that there needs to be some rules for the wastes when the are reset.
    1.no ruining the land to a piont that looks like that screen shot
    2.if a player has a home or a base in the wasteland it cant be griefed
    3.no bruning down forests
  10. y dose it say im a new member
  11. Because you are a new member. As well, the wasteland gives a very expectant description of what you will find there.. I actually felt that the name described the pockmarked land accurately. Sure, it is difficult to manuever and mine but it also added some atmosphere.

    However, the wilderness is another story. I expected outposts and many trees, etc. However, in both areas I did not expect to find permanent non-griefed buildings.

    They are wilderness and wasteland after all. I do agree with world resets, this will keep things fresh.. From areas to mine, to lands to traverse. Yes, it will be griefed.. You can not avoid that without having to sit down and interview people extensively. It is a game, not an organization. Just report, with proof, known aggressors.

    However, in the non-town worlds, you take many more risks. These occurrences go a little more unnoticed as staff is limited and the areas are not fully protected. We are a non-pvp server, which helps to minimize most griefing.

    Town is for building. Willderness/wasteland are for adventure and mining.

    Enjoy yourself and no more quoting yourself to stack your post count. It is annoying and spam... Use your edit button to add additional remarks/questions related to your own post.
  12. Isnt this what the outposts are for, doesnt Justin open a new one every month? I think we should just have new outposts added every month because this mean that there will be fresh land to explore, having a reset over and over and over again would mean the land would become boring because you have seen it before, maybe an idea is Justin if you are going to reset the world, change the seed, that would make it much more interesting.

  13. Y dont we have a server that never resets and a server that resets :p
  14. The outposts were a wonderful solution to the problem of decreased resource accessibility over time, but resetting the worlds regularly is also a solution to that problem that is just as effective.

    I think changing the seed every time would be more interesting too. A totally new world to explore every month.

    Actually, if we used the same seed every time wouldn't all the things like dungeons and strongholds be at the same place every time it's reset? I'm not sure if this is desirable or not. I mean, on one hand it would be cool to be able to re-find the same dungeons you found before, but on the other hand it would also be cool if they were in different places each time so that finding them would be more about exploring that remembering.

    I'm thinking it would be better if they were in different spots each time myself. So using a new seed each time sounds like the best idea to me.
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  15. that screenshot reminded me of a wasteland...minecraft's version of fallout wasteland if you will
  16. Yep I agree. I have died one time too many while traversing the treacherous landscape. Should reset monthly and use a different seed each time.

    RIP gargamel

    RIP 404

    The seeds that once rule in MC
  17. i think it needs to be reset but i after that i want to build out in the wilderness but wont knowing that there will be a monthly reset... i wanna build onto and in mountains but cant do that in town as there arnt mountains to build into and not enought room to make your own mountain XD

    i know theres the wastland and the wilderness, one should be the one that every one can go out to mine resorces and get materials in and the other one should be where players can freely build to their hearts desire and have a live map on both of them
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  18. I would like for two separate ones, as I just like finding my own little island or mountain and building in/around it, like I do with the wasteland. And the live map is super helpful.

    But the holes around the spawn area are ridiculous, especially if you're trying to run back to the spawn point at night and not get attacked by the mobs.

    If there is any way something could be worked out where one is reset and the other isn't, I would really like that.
  19. thats what i want
  20. This pretty much sums it up. It will keep the riff raff from destroying the world. If you are homeless and HAVE to build in the wilderness, then I have to say, sorry. The ones who do have lots and are supporters esp. would like a fresh restart of servers to keep the resources flowing so the ones who do have a lot can improve and build. If you don't have a lot, my only advice is wait for one, or possibly play on another server until one comes open.
    Bottom line is this, The Wilderness and Nether are for gathering resources only. Thats the whole reason why there is a protected town map.