[Poll] Let's settle this: town or frontier?

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Where do you live or prefer to live?

Poll closed Jan 7, 2016.
The town world is my everything. 20 vote(s) 37.7%
I live in town but I also live in the Frontier. 24 vote(s) 45.3%
I live in the Frontier and only use town for shops (or trivial stuff). 8 vote(s) 15.1%
Other (please comment below!) 1 vote(s) 1.9%
  1. Hi gang!


    When you live in town you have your own 60x60 fully protected residence to play on and it also allows you to use some pretty nifty extra features. Think about teleport signs, stopping liquids from flowing, unlocking single chests, etc. Basically you're fully protected and can build, show your builds, share your builds and all without having to worry about griefing. Visiting other players? Easy; that's just one /visit command away.

    What you don't get in town though is a survival gameplay. There are no hostile mobs, there is no weather cycle, you cannot make your own nether portal... For all those things you need to head out into the Frontier and optionally establish your own outpost.


    When you live in the Frontier you can have your own established base if you're at least 5,000 blocks away from EMC outpost and you're not within 3,000 blocks from any other established outpost. Meaning so much that your established outpost can easily reach a size up to 1000x1000 or even more if you'd like (2000x2000?). This means that you can live in the Minecraft wilderness: hostile mobs will spawn, there is a day/night and weather cycle (day/night isn't a thing in the Utopia Frontier) and you have full freedom. If you want to have a nether portal in your basement then you can!

    But there are strings attached...

    Your outpost isn't protected against griefing like in town. If a member of your outpost doesn't follow your rules then you do have the right to evict them (which won't count as griefing) but if you part on bad terms then your evicted member has suddenly become a risk factor and/or optional liability. As I said: protection isn't a thing here.

    I'd like to quote a friend of mine:

    Of course the other side of this medal is that while your town builds will be at risk if you go derelict, this doesn't apply to the Frontier as of now. While your town residence is limited to 60x60 (or 120x120) your Frontier build can easily grow up to a size of 1000x1000.

    EMC, what do you think?

    I'm starting this poll to finally learn what the community thinks. Is the majority in town, the Frontier or a bit of both.

    I'd also like to request that if the poll doesn't cover what you think then please select other and comment below. For example: you're living in town, you'd rather live in the Frontier yet don't because of the griefing risk? Then please leave a comment.

    What do you think guys?
  2. I live in town but I visit the frontier occasionally. Not often, but it can be a nice place to go sometimes :)

    PS: You're never going to be able to settle this ;)
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  3. I know, but sometimes you got to exaggerate a little bit :)
  4. I decided to vote on other, for while I am almost always in town, I do occasionally visit the frontier and enjoy it there :) Everyone will think differently though :D
  5. Town, with occasional wastelands trips. Don't really visit the frontier all that often.
  6. I love the frontier. Building, farming, killing mobs. So much fun. :D
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  7. i live in town but got abducted into frontier, lol ^.^
  8. I like the town, mostly for the chat and shops, but recently I have been doing more in the frontier. Establishing the outpost is fun, but one of the best aspects that people like is the ability to farm and make money.
    (If you go far enough out into the wild, you could most likely have a MASSIVE outpost. Somewhere along the lines of 10000 x 10000.)
    So, I guess I am neutral.
  9. Pure frontier 90% of the time. It's were I make my money. It's allowed me to buy all my cherished promos and special items. Being so far out it's not always worth the trip to town. I live off the land. My farms produce for me the items I need to build more. I'll sometimes be in town when I'm bored of doing something in the wild.
  10. Town and an outpost as you very well know shell.:)
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  11. I am shocked and surprised to hear that, yet I have to admit that this sounds strangely familiar :p
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  12. When I'm emc'ing I'm most likely in town, but sometimes I go mining/mob hinting in the wild. the only reason for me to go to the fronteiner is a mob grinder "somewere" and last weekend I went hunting Momentus in fronteiner with Tomvanwijnen.
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  13. When I first started on Emc, I was the ultimate Towny... Bought everything, started a shop, ect. After a while though, I began to feel trapped. The frontier offers freedom to me. I have every resource I need within 2 k of my outpost, and if I don't have it, I can build it. But I'm a country boy in IRL, so maybe that's why its the frontier for me. It does get lonely there sometimes, but I can hop over to another SMP and be in town instantly.
  14. Town. And wastelands. I have found Frontier to be very unfriendly to new players in terms of how to set up a proper base and not take hours to get from a safe spot to your established base. I hear about 'nether rails' but i have no idea what they are or even how to go about establishing one if I knew. I would like to set something up in Frontier at some point though once I learn more.