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Have spawns changed at all of your farms?

Yeah 27 vote(s) 81.8%
Nah 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Some of my farms 6 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hi guys,

    recently it has come to my attention that the spawns for all hostile mobs pretty much- natural spawns- are extremely LOW.

    Some think it came after Aikar edited the whole enraged spawn in ocean monument thing, and others believe it is a 1.8 issue.

    I will personally tell you MANY players have told me ALL their farms are getting extremely low rates.

    Please vote in the poll.


    Feel free to discuss.
  2. Bump. Now that I look at the posting time I wonder to myself... why in the world was I up at 2am?... :p
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  3. I just recently finished a guardian farm, and things are not spawning like they do in all of the youtube videos I've seen. My double blaze grinder seems to be just fine though.
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  4. Spawners were not affected i think, just spawn rates for natural spawning like hostiles in dark places
  5. Yes, I should have put "natural spawns" in the poll, it could have confused some people. I do not think it is 1.7 terrain farms either- I built an end farm in brand new 1.8 area (newly generated chunks), and I get VERY low spawns for a 33x33 area with 100% spawn blocks (all air blocks above the spawn area for high rates).

    I am also wondering if anybody has made any new farms since 1.8 that are in 1.8 terrain and are natural hostile, hoping they know if the farm was better or worse since 1.8
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  6. After using World Downloader on my pretty well optimized farm, I opened the single player world into LAN (and tested it separately in a "real" server), and I am still very much convinced that something is interfering or something is being overlooked in EMC's code. I was getting very good rates on both of the vanilla servers, but I get poor rates on EMC (utopia).

    I encourage anyone else who has been having troubles with natural spawns to try out World Downloader on their builds as well to confirm that the farm design is not the issue.

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  7. I did not even think of that!

    With your results I definitely think it is EMC code.
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  8. I would have bumped this sooner but I got caught up with E3 news :p
  9. Ahhh, I would have voted YES if I read everything first. Natural hostile spawns have been nerfed on EMC, agreed.

    The exception might be at nether fortresses. Those have seemed fine to me with wither skellies, blazes, etc, but then again, I haven't spent much time at fortresses outside of the past 4 weeks or so. Someone more experienced with them should speak to that likely.

    On the flip side, the non-hostile mobs are breeding themselves in the wild. I have literally been flooding all my wild farm areas to get rid of constant wild animal entity counts of around 100. No need to breed animals anymore in the wild for sure. Kill them all in the area and they will magically reappear in 10 minutes or less.
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  10. I don't mind really since I don't have to deal with as many mobs cutting wood at night. But if it is a issue then it's better to be fixed.
  11. I think if you do /ps ingame and turn up your difficulty, you'll see more mobs spawning. Not really sure, though. I've never tried it.
  12. I play on a 5 where my end farm is, that shouldnt effect much.
  13. It's not an "overlook" or bug, but an intentional change to nerf guardian spawn rate and to reduce lag some.

    If I get time I'll see about monster density in the wild and bring it up if needed - but were not going to base the spawn rate around farms efficiency, but will increase it if theirs not enough monsters while exploring the wild.
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  14. Monsters do not spawn as much in the wild, it happens everywhere. I am using my end farm as an example of how with over 1000 spawning spaces, you only get about 30 spawns in the matter of a few minutes, and then it seems to be capped at 30 for a while until it increases very very slowly.
  15. I will investigate, but need to get an update out first. lot of big changes pending.
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