Pokemon thread!

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  1. I might be the only one here that plays pokemon lol.
  2. i play pokemon too much

    -shiny reshiram in pokemon ultra sun
    -every legendary caught in oras and x

    beat the story of both PMD Gates To Infinity and Super PMD

    ...and more!

    EDIT: forgot to add i'm currently hunting Shiny Kyurem
  3. It's fine to make your own thread in this case, but there is a Pokémon thread already. :)
  4. the last post on that one was in april, would it be considered an old thread then or not?

    EDIT: it is an old thread, checked the bottom
  5. So what? That's irrelevant.
  6. wait there's a Pokemon thread already? oops
  7. Yep I also have a Pokémon go thread
  8. That was on pokemon go if i remember correctly
  9. Yes that’s why it’s called the Pokémon go thread :p
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  10. oh, but this isn't pokemon go.
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  11. I know I have a Pokémon go thread but there is still a normal Pokémon thread 607 had linked it
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