Pokemon Card collectors!

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You ever collected Pokemon cards?

Ofcourse! 8 vote(s) 88.9%
Pokemon cards? What is that? 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. I was able to get my hands on two cards for my Hidden Fates collection.
    My next aim is to get 1 or 2 Hidden Fates Promo cards. I already have 3 of them, but they are the easiest ones to get..

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  2. I found the Chimchar on Ebay, once is sold for $5.39
    But that one is in better condition then yours.
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  3. Nothing all to fancy in my Mysterious Treasure set sadly

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  4. Love the Gible, cute little thing lmao
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  5. Another day, another set of cards I undusted, this time from the "secret wonders" set :)

    In there i found this beautiful Ho-Oh:

    and this cute reversed holo Shuckle:
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  6. OH snap!!
    That Ho-Oh is amazing, really love the art of that one!
  7. There does seem to be a lot more marketing for the TCG than there has been in at least a decade! (in the Netherlands)
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  8. Yupp! And it is still so hard to get what you want. Almost every regular store is out of stock, or the price is just way too high.
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  9. I received my 3 Burning Shadows booster packs, and 4 Chilling Reign packs!
    I will be uploading the video's of me opening them soon.

    But, I was wondering..
    Would anyone be interested in a Discord channel for Pokemon stuff?
    Cause I have been thinking of creating one.
    Let me know please!:D
  10. What do you mean? You can't create a Discord channel in the EMC Discord server, right?
    If you mean creating a Discord server, I'm sure there are Pokémon and Pokémon TCG servers out there (although I haven't looked for them).
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  12. My two pack openings are now live on my YT channel in case you wanna see them!:D



    This is a sleeve booster from Burning Shadows.. and oh my.
    What do I love this art work on it! Normally I jsut throw the empty packs etc away.
    But this one.. nah, gonna keep it!

  13. So it's been a while, have been busy a few days :)
    But i got to go through some more cards i had laying around.
    More specific, a set of Majestic Dawn and Platinum.
    Here are the more interesting cards i found

    Majestic Dawn:


    As for the discord idea, I would totally join if you created this :p
    I might have bought some booster packs :D
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  14. The psyduck is jokes hahaha, I like that art!
    The Umbreon has always been a beautiful Pokemon.

    Which booster packs have you bought?!
    I am gonna work on the Discord server soon.
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  15. Not on the EMC Discord indeed, just my own Discord server focused on Pokemon. Kinda like this thread!:D
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  16. Well they just arrived, what do you think.
    Am i going to have more luck than you?

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  17. Oiii, went also for the Chilling Reign set!
    I hope you gonna have way more luck then me, cause my luck was not excisting with those packs last time.

    Good luck!
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  18. A lot of posts today, but varua couldn't wait for this :p
    So hereby I present you the cards i have from the 'Rising Rivals' set.

    The nice cards:

    The Awesome Card:

    As you can see, it's slightly damaged sadly, but it's still the best card I own.
    Enjoy Varua :)
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  19. So...
    I ordered a Pokemon mystery box!
    I am really excited about this, I have bought one for less value before.
    It was really enjoyable to open it up and see the goodies.

    Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow so I can make a video out of it.

    Update on the Discord server:
    It is almost done! As soon as it is ready to go live, I will post here an invite link to the server!
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  20. Hey, that's the old art!
    I know it from the Game Boy Color game. :D Or maybe the Japan-only sequel? Not sure, I don't have the card myself, but I saw it in a walkthrough. :p