Pokémon Uranium - FAN MADE Pokémon Game

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  1. So recently I stumbled upon a post on Facebook, about a fan made Pokémon game called "Pokémon Uranium". It came out just the other day (8/6) and it looked like a fun game, so I decided to download it, and played it a bit. I'm not done with the game yet (far from it actually :p), but I really like it so far :)
    This game features a brand new region, with brand new and already existing Pokémon. It took nine full years to make this game.
    Note it's not absolutely perfect, I've had some lag issues and silence in music, but I expect that to be resolved in a future update.

    Here's the trailer :)

    I'd highly suggest you'd try it out for yourself. It is currently for PC only, but a Mac version is being worked on.
    You can download it for FREE by clicking here.

    Please let me know what you think ;)

    Note: I am not in any way affiliated with the developers of this game, Nintendo, GAME FREAK or The Pokémon Company
  2. Skeletastic :)
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  3. I love how slow Nintendo was with their takedown demand lol
  4. And taken down. :/ had to download it from an unoficial site. i will post a download for you guys.
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  5. Oh joy, another pokemon game to spend 5 years nolifing on.
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  6. Wow. Nintendo might be very cruel sometimes :mad:
    Alternate download link will come asap when I'm at my computer
    Download can be found here
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  7. Wow, that's cool!
    I'd like to play the official games first, though, plus I'm not much of a pc gamer anyway.
    But I really appreciate the effort, it seems like they did quite good!
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  8. It seems that the download links were indeed taken down due to multiple takedowns of Nintendo of America (NOA) :(
    However, there are a few things to note according to the official statement:


    Since I still had the original installer file, I thought I might as well upload it for you guys :)

    You can verify your downloaded file with these checksums:
    CRC-32: 12cbe9ad
    MD5: d918aa4f09c4c5b9c5188e3292194760
    SHA-1: cc6b4eb544d544bdf5124556f89b79a61ec625f0

    You can download other links from other sources as well, but be sure to verify the checksums before playing!!!

    So, click here to download!

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  9. I've started playing it, and I just got my Pokemon :)
    I think it's very good they included a kind of gender-neutral third option for a character, and the method of picking a Pokemon is very clever.
    I also think the graphics are really authentic and good quality.
    So far, it rivals the the official games hugely!

    Now, after fighting Theo, I hate the water starter. It has static, and a STAB move, so I had no chance after being paralysed. Also, my grass type won't ever get type advantage as it seems the water turns into Water/Electric, giving it a x1 to grass.
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  10. Anyone have a countdown until Nintendo sues them into the ground for copyright?
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  11. Already happend...
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  12. Oh RIP I didn't see it.
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  13. If anyone else gets it, DO NOT get Orchynx. It is useless and awful.
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  14. I don't like grass types in general. In my opinion they don't have good offensive moves (also in official Pokémon games). I got Raptorch (Fire) as the starter, and it's a decent Pokémon.
  15. This is THE COOLEST THING EVER. I can't play due to only using Mac's in my house, but I would love to download it when the OS versions come out.
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  16. wine