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  1. Stay strong,
    Don’t cry,
    You’re not wrong,
    Don’t be shy,
    You’re a star,
    Shining in the sky,
    Don’t be dumb,
    Open your eyes,
    Do not listen,
    To other peoples lies,
    Let your heart glisten,
    Let the haters keep their lies...
  2. This is a very well done poem, much better than I could ever write. Keep up with the wonderful work, and make sure that your own poem applies to yourself.
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  3. Thank you! Belive me or not im young XD, definitely got it from my dad's side haha
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  4. This is actualy really true =p especialy the last line
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  5. How did you get that font?
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  6. I had that font on notepad (its like word just waaaaaaaaaaay simpler) and i copyed it into here, lol i diddn't think the font would stay
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