Poem: Mysteries of the Creeper

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  1. The life of a creeper is such a crime,
    always wasting their time.
    They'd rather blow you up, since
    killing you all the time ain't enough.
    Kill you? That's on their list.
    Why do they even exist?
    Hiding in the shadows, lurking in the night,
    they can't be missed and will always pick up a fight.
    Maybe there just trying to be polite, or maybe they just
    aren't that bright.
    They sure don't want hugs, or any kind of love, sort of.
    We'll never know what purpose they have right now,
    but I wonder how and why these green monsters exist,
    and why do they even hiss?
    Little green monsters, waiting, watching at night,
    no doubt about it, the creepers are
    gonna getcha tonight.
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  2. Awesome! Very cool indeed, I really enjoying this one.
  3. But that doesn't mean I don't make up the poems myself, of course. Sometimes I'll ponder why and how things work. Like why do creepers exist, why does Herobrine kill people and appear in peoples worlds, or why does Herobrine even exist? Inspiration for stories and poems doesn't come from little things like melted chocolate bars or apples falling onto people's heads. Well, maybe... you never know where you could get inspiration to write a story or poem.

  4. hisssssssssssssssss.... KABOOM!