Poem: A World Without Light

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  1. A world without light, sounds bare and cruel.
    Pity the fool.
    Monsters lurk around your house,
    what can you do?
    Say, "Shoo, boo! Go away!"
    The creepers are gonna blow your house away.
    Try to cut down a tree, rest for a while, sip some tea.
    What to do, what to see? The monsters won't let you be.
    Letting the creeper blow up your teapot, looking at the enderman
    in the eyes, will lead to your demise.
    Say goodbye.
    Losing your diamond sword, oh.. that hurts.
    Maybe a witch put a curse on you.
    That will have to do.
    Mining at night, what a delight.
    For the creepers you see, right now,
    Will kill you somehow.
    Don't call me crazy, if your lazy,
    but imagine a world without light, what a fright.
    What would the world be like, with no, light?
  2. Anyone like the poem? Tell me what you think about it.
  3. This is really cool! I like this a lot, can't wait to see what else you come up with ;)
  4. Thanks! Made my own signature using this great website: http://signaturecraft.us/
    By the way, when I mean without light, I mean without daytime.
    In the mean time, time to make another poem! :D
  5. Anyone else like this poem? I'd like to see what everyone else thought about it. Feel free to share your opinions! :D