Plot Twist [Forum Game]

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  1. This game is easy.
    Make a plot twist.

    Plot Twist: Cordial_Pie is the second highest member of the muffin club.
  2. Plot Twist: Rosebud is a sled
    Batman is Bruce Wayne
    Luke is Darth Vader's Father
    Bruce Banner is always angry
    we need a spoiler alert on this thread
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  3. plot twist Miley Cyrus goes back to country
  4. Plot Twist: Nick actually hates melons
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  5. plot twist This stays on the forums :D
  6. Plot Twist: The plot does not twist.
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  7. plot twist:

    aikar is on normal time
    icecreamcow is a democrat
    Olaf_C is not a clock
    the photoshop contest wasn't photoshops, krysyyjane made a mask of aikar's face
    JustinGuy is secretly IcecreamCow
    skydragonv8's signature is rightside up, you are just upside down
    maxarias hates fire
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  8. Plot twist: olaf despises watches.
  9. Plot Twist: This is not a forum game, it decides on how you move on with your life.
  10. plot twist: qwerty is the dirt queen, not the beacon king :l
  11. Plot Twist: Nick is ugly
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  12. True :/ I just ruined about 25 movies for myself >.<
  13. plot twists: acualy is dolan
    is gon murdr u
    brick has no sweg

  14. Plot Twist: Snapdragon suddenly won't eat anything but snapdragons in a rather cannibalistic manner.
    Plot Twist: Dirt becomes a rare and valuable block, and Maxarias suddenly feels horrible for forcing Torian to enjoy destroying dirt.
    Plot Twist: When R0bbieJo said quartz n' snow for the SMP4 project, she meant stone brick and gravel, but she didn't want to point that out once building had begun.
  15. Plot twist: Basement Cat is Ceiling Cat.
  16. Plot Twist: Your grandma ran over the Reindeer.
    Plot Twist: You chase slenderman.
    Plot Twist: The Cake isn't a lie.
  17. Plot twist: being mean gets you forum banned :p