Please stop requesting Tekkit

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  1. Nobody cares if you want a good server to play on, the answer has always been no and it's even on the denied mods. I advise you to read this statement from me:
    Tekkit would place a giant strain on all of our wonderful smp's, which have just been successfully lag cleaned. There may be a Tekkit dysopia some day, as Aikar has said in the past, but right now they want to get a PvP EMC server as the first dystopia.

    In short, do not request tekkit.
    Also, there is a list of tekkit servers on their website. Go look at them if you want a good tekkit server to play on.
    Goodbye, and I hope you read this.
  2. Brofist!

    Tekkit has never been, and probably never will be accepted. So stop it, guys. Go find some random Tekkit server to play on if you want Tekkit. ._.
  3. Good... another one of these. Mine sunk like a rock. :p

    EDIT: I support this being pinned.
  4. Amen to that...
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  5. Which is why I made another :p I didn't want to bump it incase I got spammed with
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  6. tekkit is to crashay
  7. I'm sorry, but what does crashay mean?
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  8. I'm guessing he meant crashing as Tekkit servers crash very often
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  9. I think he means "crashy"

    Alright, nice reminder guys, but I think you need to calm down a bit. Tekkit IS possible, and like Aikar said, a Tekkit only server for EMC (not linked to the SMP's with vault, ect.) IS possible and could very well happen in the future. So no need to act to act really harsh, people are just suggesting some more cool stuff for EMC. D:
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  10. Heck I don't even know what Tekkit is and I'm against it. :D

    Yes I know its a mod.
  11. Well, there is the UNOFFICIAL EMC Tekkit server. But if EMC did get Tekkit, there may be lag on that world as people would likely use a lot of world anchors.
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  12. There may be a Tekkit dysopia some day, as Aikar has said in the past, but right now they want to get a PvP EMC server as the first dystopia.
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  13. There are tooo many problems with tekkit anyway. To name a few:
    Exploits (EE)
    Corrupting the economy with condensers
    It still runs 1.2.5
    HUGE server strain

    I run tekkit servers and they are not pretty.
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  14. My tekkit launcher will only open when it feels like it. And the changes they have to make. They have to change emeralds and ender chests ect. It is cool but just not worth an EMC server.
  15. There is a tekkit server for EMC players.
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  16. So................... Can we get Tekkit?
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  17. Good rant! Now no fighting guys!
    Tekkit is the Multiplayer version of Technic which is a mod pack.
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