Please help me...

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  1. Please. Someone come get me, preferably Justin. She will kill the teletubbie!!!! Come save me at res 1919, at the Lumpy Pumpkin. Please ._.

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  2. /res unstuck *sarcasm*
  3. Don't worry Yankees. Justin probably won't get you, because he doesn't get on, but ICC might! You won't be killed!
  4. I'm doing it... it just takes me a few words... Someone come save Tinky Winki...

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  5. She's forcing me to wear prisoners clothes now! Please...
  6. You monster!
  7. I like my teletubbies in leather. It'll smell like steak when the lava starts flowing...
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  8. Nooooooo! I can't get in a computer to save him! I'm sorry Yankees!
  9. I could save him, but I won't. ;)
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  10. LOL
  11. We are torturing it now, eating cake in front of his cage...

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  12. I'm letting this happen. TELETUBBIES KILLED MY FAMILY.
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  13. .........
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  14. Best defense against torture: Liking it ;)
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