Please add a CREATIVE WORLD!!

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  1. Dear Admins,
    I would like to suggest that you add a CREATIVE WORLD in addition to Survival. Survival is getting boring because we don't have the resources to build some things that we want to, but it is too long and boring to go get them from the wild. I also don't have enough rupees to go buy the materials needed. Please add a creative world and help us all!! P.S. It is also too lonely to go get the resources from the wild.

    ltdoom :)
  2. This has been suggested many times before.
    You had better get ready for some no's and maybe an appearance from the bear :)
  3. uhm, lets go with a giant no. these are survival, and economy servers, if its getting boring for you, then maybe this isn't the place for you :(
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  4. Gather some friends and mine together in the wild. Now that won't be boring and not being lonely in the wild, no?
    And you can collect more rupees by voting for EMC.
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  5. Build your places you'd like to build on Single Player then, if you want a creative server so badly.
    Making a creative server will take away lots of players from the normal servers, since its creative,
    and the current one is survival.

    Gather buddies to go to the wild with you, make money by mining, selling items, auctioning, villager trading etc. Many many ways to create money. If you don't enjoy doing any of these, Empire Minecraft wont be the right server for you. Try to find a creative server if you want one so bad.
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  6. Yeah this has been suggested too many times now, check the already suggested idea's here.
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  7. Here you go RainbowChin!

  8. so, if i take your yellow text, then i have no idea what your talking about. you bi-polar or something? xD
  9. Ideally, we should have a creative world (separated from the survival servers of course!) because some people want to play that way (although I have to admit it isn't my cup of tea).

    The main reason, that I can think of, that we don't is that it would take time to develop (instead of dragon tombs/wild protection) and money to run the extra server etc. To do this, there'd need to be interest from the players, and I'm not sure that there is that much demand for a creative server (relative to the demand for dragon tombs, wild protection, Dystopia and the other hopefully upcoming features).

    Edit: Perhaps one day though!
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  10. Because this has been suggested many times, I think the "No-bear" is impotent.
    Therefore, please imagine to be this skeleton:
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  11. What fun is it to create huge structures if you don't have to work for it. ;)